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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Last weekend - part 2

The rest of Sunday  was good fun. I got on with jobs in a new spirit of cheerfulness and my wife did some work. 

At around 3pm we fitted in a walk in the woods and then we headed  off to see my wife’s friend. Katie,  who had come round that morning to say that her daughter was bringing home a new baby daughter. 

We had been invited to wet the baby’s head with a drink.

We didn’t stay too long and on the way back in the car my wife complimented me on my good social behaviour and praised me for getting  on with the jobs that day. She leaned over and squeezed me between the legs.

“I hope there’s some interest there for when we get home.”

“Yes ma’am”

Once we were back I started preparing the meal and my wife sat and watched an old movie. We had supper in front of the TV and then went upstairs. It was quite early, maybe 8.30ish

We undressed each other and she admired my evident excitement. She went off to wash and told me to get the cane and bend over the back of the bedroom chair.

The caning, when it started, was super erotic. She took it very slowly, teasing me with the end of the cane and then giving a hard stroke. Then more teasing and another hard stroke.

When my wife eventually laid down the cane I might have taken thirty or forty strokes but it hardly felt that way. Each one had been delivered when I had relaxed my cheeks and ,after the initial starburst of pain, I had felt only the pleasure of submission. This was an all time best caning at the hands of someone who loves me.

We climbed in to bed and had a head-to-toe session of oral sex. When she had come a couple of times I was invited to her pussy for penetration. I sped off for a tablet and my wife spent the next ten or fifteen minutes building me up with her hand and tongue. She told me how much I deserved my whipping and how I would get many more spankings in the future and I am pleased to say that the resulting, viagra enhanced, erection did us both proud.

We slept soundly and both regretted the dawn of a Monday.


Aplogies for the delay in this blog. 

For those of who might enjoy a deliciously paced caning take a look at Mrs Birch and her cane

I would gladly visit Mrs Birch if were I single and living in Australia.


  1. You had a great day, and the evening was even better. When a woman enjoys spanking her man it shows she loves him very much. When a man is eager to present his bottom for spanking, he shows his devotion and submission to her. What a great way to start oral sex than with the cane. I bet she was wet after giving you the cane, I know my wife is wet after spanking me as she always gets oral after.

  2. I am glad that you had a terrific Sunday.


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