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Sunday, 10 February 2013

New female spanko blogger

There is a new girl/lady/woman on the scene who seems to enjoy her marital spankings.

Take a look on Hannah gets spanked

Hannah looks to be the type to enjoy this tumblr of   Erotic Submission

Sorry no Spanklet today but I have got my writing  muse back now that my wife is disciplining me again. Spanklets are in my head

I got a hard spanking with the paddle last night so that is two nights in a row. The paddling was for not remembering to get ink cartridges for the printer and it was too late to head off to the pc shop on Saturday afternoon.       Hey ho.


  1. Very wonderfull image, woman spank man it's my prefere spanking

  2. Thank you Michael for the image and the recommendation.

    1. Hi Joey
      Good to hear from you as always. Hope you have a good Valentines Day and get suitably warmed up in the cold weather.

  3. Michael, You i wanted to ask if you can publish the address of my blog to the drawings, in your list of blogs.
    The address is this:
    Thank you very much and compliments.

    1. Hi Lumasoc

      Nice to hear from you. I have added your blog

  4. Thank you so very much, Michael! It's sweet of you to give my blog a shout-out!


    P.S. Glad you got paddled last night, too! It sounds like you deserved it;).

    1. Thanks for commenting Hannah. Yes, the paddling was deserved. It seems that my wife is now set on weekly spankings to keep me in line so I should have more to write about.

    2. I just put up a new post about how I got my spanking start...


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