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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Told to cheer up.

Sorry to have been off-line recently. I have checked in every now and then to see how my spanking friends were getting along.

I am still job hunting after I lost my agency and keeping control of costs and doing my best to find new work . I have been quite grumpy recently and yesterday my dear wife said that she had had enough of my low spirits.

At around 7pm lat night she called me upstairs, to fix a light bulb, or so she said.

In her hand was the long dragon cane.

“Go to the bathroom and clean up and then come here and touch your toes.”

Her words electrified me. She has been off spankings and punishment recently.

I got back into the bedroom speedily, naked and quite firmly erect.

“You won’t need that.” She waved the cane at my prick. “But you can thank me later on with an orgasm.”

“ Now bend over. I am going to thrash some jollity back into our lives.”

I did as instructed. The first few strokes were painful and harsh but I soon got my head into the pain. She crossed the twenty mark and then was into thirty strokes before I began to struggle with holding the position. At one point I half stood and was struck forcefully on the back of my legs to remind me to get back down.

After probably sixty or seventy full size strokes she threw the cane down on the floor and walked off downstairs, telling me to go into the corner and contemplate mending my ways and being more cheerful.

She left me there for over two hours before coming up to bed.

Once she had removed her make up she came naked into the bedroom and called me over to deliver cunnilingus. I buried my face deep into her wetness and we rolled around happily on the bed for about an hour.

I am feeling on top of the world today and enjoyed looking at the red weals on my bottom.

I will be jolly indeed if she carries on with this anti -depressant treatment.


  1. Michael,

    Thank you for sharing. A hard caning is a good anti-depressant.

    Good luck on the job front.


  2. Hi Joey
    It certainly is. I have been feeling good all day with a smarting rear end.

  3. Michael,

    It sounds quite hot, literally and figuratively, lol! Who knew that a caning could be an antidepressant?!

    Good for your "better half"!


    P.S. Best wishes regarding the job hunt!!!

  4. What can be better then presenting your woman with a bare bottom, bending over and accepting the spanking she wants to give you. Yes honey spank me with the belt, wooden spoon, and paddle. Thank you dear.

  5. good mind... i think it could be an anti depressant!


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