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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Spanklet - Trials and tribulations of shopping

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

He woke up and realized that they had slept in. His girlfriend was no longer by his side and he could hear noises in the bathroom. He lay there for a moment with the palm of one hand on the still warm part of the sheet where she had lain through the night. The memory of the rampant activity in bed the evening before came flooding into his brain and he stroked his increasing erection with the pleasure of the images in his mind.

Sarah walked through into the room and identified the slow movement under the sheet in an instant.

“You can stop that.”  She retrieved the brief pair of knickers that had been on the floor and he watched her bend and insert first one foot and then the other into the silky loops before pulling them up. He enjoyed the wiggle of her hips as she settled the panties into place. They hardly covered anything.

“Come on, get out of bed. We’re going shopping remember.”

Tim groaned and rolled out of bed. His erection went ahead of him as he went off to the bathroom.

“Do we have to?”

“Yes we do. You promised. I need a new dress for the party next week and I want you around to tell me what I look like. The assistants will just say anything to get a sale.”

The underground was busy with shoppers and tourists and they did not arrive at the first shop until 11.30. Sarah marched along to the dress section like a woman with a mission and Tim followed. He was a bit distracted as they passed through the lingerie section.

By the time Sarah was on her fourth shop and umpteenth dress Tim was flagging. He did not understand why they kept shops so warm and why there was nowhere to sit down as dress after dress was tried on. Each time she appeared he did not know whether to enthuse or say something negative. Did he think it was too big, too small, the wrong colour ? All he knew was that he had had enough of dresses and changing rooms.

They stopped for lunch and even then there were questions from Sarah about which dress he had liked the best or the least. He could barely remember any of them.

An hour later they were back on the march. After two more shops Sarah decided to go back to the start. There was a dress which she thought was the one to get.

“The red one?” Tim suggested.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Because it was the one that I immediately said yes to and, by the way, that was three hours ago.”

“Don’t get tetchy. I can’t just buy the first thing I see can I”

So, a half hour later, the job was done and the dress was in the shopping bag.

“Thank goodness for that. Let’s go home.”

Tim was  walking briskly towards the door and thinking of a drink at the wine bar on the way.

“No way. I’ve got to get the shoes now.”

“The shoes? You’ve got loads of shoes.”

“Nothing that will go with this colour.”

“Oh no, we’re not doing shoes. You can go during the week or something.”

“Don’t be silly. It won’t take long. I saw a good shop near where we had lunch.”

The bell tinkled softly as they went through the door of what was obviously a very expensive shop. The carpet was deep and there were hardly any shoes on display so it could only be expensive Tim figured. In fact the shop was in two parts. The front was an open area but there was an archway that led to a room where there were many more shoes on the racks and the low leather benches sit on for trying them. At least there was somewhere to park himself Tim was relieved to see.

An hour passed as shoe after shoe was tried on. The assistant had endless patience but at the price that was hardly surprising. They were still there when shop closing time came along. Tim hoped they would be thrown out but no, the ever helpful woman said she would just lock the door and Sarah could have more time to decide.

When the assistant was out of the room Tim exploded.

“That’s it,  I’ve had enough. We can’t afford anything here and we’re leaving now.”

The girl came back  just as Sarah burst into tears of frustration.

“I need to find something. It’s your company party we’re going to and there are all those rich wives there. I don’t want to look as if I don’t belong.”

“What’s going on?” the assistant demanded to know.

“It’s him. He’s been impossible all day. Just grumping along like a small child complaining all the time. He knows this party is important and I need to look my best.”

“Listen you,” the assistant turned to face Tim. “I could be on way home now but I’m willing to stay until we find the right shoes for your girlfriend so just behave.”

“I'll bet you are bitch,  on your commission.” Tim blurted out.

“I beg your pardon.”

Tim felt embarrassed at his stupidity and rudeness and turned away, muttering 

 “Nothing. Let’s get on with finding some shoes Sarah.”

“No we won’t just do that. I’ll  close the shop now and you can go.” The assistant was livid with anger.

“No please, pleae stay." Sarah pleaded. " I need to find something and I am tired and I need your help.” 

“OK I will, but not until your boyfriend shows me he is sorry for what he said just then, and I mean truly sorry” ………………….

image courtesy of Dominant Beauty


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