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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day

Well today is a day for romance so I  will do my best to make sure my wife knows she is loved. Starting with   tea in bed, a small gift and then a breakfast with flowers (which are in the garage as I write).

Whilst she is at work I will do my "job hunting" e mails and then clean the bathroom until it shines. 

For the evening I have  downloaded an old Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn film - Charade- and I will cook a simple pasta dish for supper.

Since this is a day of romance I will stay away from any suggestions of spanking and FLR and just stick to loving her and providing some long slow cunnilingus when we get to bed.

Hope you enjoy your Valentines if you are lucky enough to have a partner.


  1. Today is a lazy day for her. I'll do all the work today, and a nice diner out with wine. Return home shower together, then lick her to three climaxes. She is so sensitive after the first it drives her nuts for me to keep going. No spanking here today either. That is set for tomorrow and it will be a long one. Happy Valenties Day everyone.

    1. Anon - it sounds like you know what you are doing down there.

  2. Your wife is a very lucky lady.

    Enjoy your evening Michael.


    1. Hi Ronnie - You've gotta keep trying I guess. she does a lot for me with the spanko scene which I know she is not really into.

  3. Your are a terrific husband. I hope you have a fun night.


  4. Hi Joey. Well I think that I start from the point where she is the best wife and we go on from there.


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