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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Friday whupping

Last night was a surprisingly interesting one. I was home in the afternoon when my wife arrived back early at around 4pm.

She suggested we take a walk and have a drink at the nearby pub. I readily agreed.

Just one thing she said – bring the punishment book with you.

This was novel. I went to wash and change into a fresh shirt and grabbed the book from the punishment tools chest.

Once in the pub we found a quiet corner and my wife started to read the book and make notes with a pen that I was sent to fetch from the bar. I sat in silence whilst she worked her way through the pages.

I make that 80 with the cane and 40 with the paddle – she looked up at me as she spoke.

OK – I said.

What do you mean OK – what is OK all about?

Sorry ma’am – I spoke quietly – I meant to say thank you ma’am, your punishment is very fair considering the trouble I have caused you.

Better. I don’t think my tally is quite right so I am going to add 40 with the crop and five minutes with the hairbrush. How do you want to take it? You have all weekend.

I don’t know ma’am.

No, that’s your trouble. OK let's ask Julia behind the bar and see what she thinks.

You’re joking.

Maybe, maybe not. Anyway I’m hungry so let’s eat here and it will save you cooking.

Back home an hour or so later and things moved rapidly. I was bent over the back of the sofa and caned hard 40 times and then we went to bed so I could show my gratitude. After eating her up we showered and came back down to watch a recorded cookery programme. 

I am awake early to get on with chores and the rest of the punishment tally will follow on  today or so I was told.

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