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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thinking of spanking

The trouble with being a spanko is that quite often you don't get enough of the real thing, but all too often you spend too much time thinking about it.

Anything at all can bring spanking to mind. 

It could be a word in a magazine article, an implement that might be used to deliver swats, a tight bottom in shorts or trousers, a rider on a horse, an image on a roadside poster and a nano-second later you are back to thoughts of spanking and away from the humdrum of life.

I guess that with non-spankos none of this happens or they have their different fetishes with different triggers.

Yesterday's spanking triggers for me were:-

My wife pulling on a tight pair of gripper-knickers to go under a work dress

The bathbrush hanging in the shower

A potted plant of indoor bamboo in a hotel reception before a conference meeting.

A female runner in tight shorts on an urban road.

............... and all of this before the clock had struck 10 am.

For spanking images I used to be satisfied with a monthly trip to the spanking magazine shop Janus in London. 

There you could look for an hour or so at the images of girls and the occasional guy being spanked. I always felt that I had to buy something or the guy at the desk would harrump as you left the shop door. 

They even had a returns policy where you could take in an issue you had purchased and get a credit against a newer issue. For most of my life from 18 to 45 I had a spanking mag somewhere, either in a drawer or in a briefcase. I love my memory because i can recall many Janus photo stories and replay them in my head any time, night or day.

Nowadays the internet has information digital overload on spanking - there is simply too much to absorb but in a strange way some spanking images will give erotic arousal but hundreds of others are just so much wall- paper and cause no straining in my trousers at all.

I would love to take part in one of those brain scan research projects where you lie in a magnetron scanner and get shown a trillion photos of everything in the world, with the occasional image of spanking introduced at random. 

Where in the brain would the nerves suddenly show as bright centre of neural activity when the spanking photos appeared?

Is it  a different brain area to the one that brightens up when you see erotic images with no spanking activity or is it the same area when you are shown pictures of ice cream with chocolate topping?

I had a lucky break yesterday. I got home early and found that I had not locked the back door when I left the house in the morning. If my wife had arrived home before me I would never have heard the end of it.

The question is should I 'fess up?  

 I need a spanking right now and i would be sure to get one or should I let sleeping doors lie?

My stomach is churning and my head is whizzing just thinking about the possible


  1. You are right Michael. We think too much about spankings and do not get enough.

    I hope you are thrashed this weekend.


    1. Said with feeling. You too on your weekend away.

  2. Oh my...yes, the thoughts never go away.

    As to the door..of course you have to tell her. The more interesting question for me is whether or not she thinks you are being wonderfully compliant and therefore you only get a mild beating, or does she think you left the door unlocked just to get a beating? And, if the latter, woe is you.

    1. I thought readesr would say this. I will have to toss a coin.

  3. I'd hide a few things and say we've been burgled because of it...That should get you a good spanking.
    But you're right...I think about spanking ALL THE TIME.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Gary
      Interesting idea but might lead to more punishment.
      Thanks for stopping by. Now that you are blogging you will have to put down your constant thoughts.

  4. Michael, you have no idea how right on this post is. I think I can find almost anything that will trigger the thoughts of being spanked to my mind. Always looking at woman wondering if they spank or not. High heels, and stockings start the process rather quickly.

    Walking in a store looking at various things, thinking how they could be turned into a spanking implement.

    Seeing my wife seated on the couch with a bath brush in her hand, with that look on her face, lol I see that a lot!!!

    Great Blog been reading it for quite a while.


    1. Hello James
      Nice to hear that I am not alone in constant spanking thoughts.
      Thanks for the nice comment.

  5. I was in a meeting today, sat next to a very nice co-worker lady, wearing a conservative dress, nice black shoes and she has perfect she has beautiful and large hands, what a turn on...all I could think about was laying over her lap!

    1. Hi NJ
      This happens more and more and often as women are not only power dressing for work but choosing to wear black a lot more, which of course takes ones mind straight to domination and superiority - and they know it.


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