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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Self defense outcome

When she arrived home late afternoon, the other weekend, my wife was tired from the drive but lively from the self-defense training and exercise. As I opened the door to greet her she pushed me back with the palm of her hand and then spun me into a pretend head lock. She turned to wave goodbye to the girlfriends who had dropped her off, whilst I looked foolish in her grip.

Laughing ,she let me go and I carried her bag up to the bedroom and ran the bath she wanted. After inspecting my chores my wife joined me in the bedroom and told me to remove her clothing and sort out her laundry. I enjoyed stripping her off – she was still in the tight sports clothes she had worn for the Sunday lesson. When she was down to her underwear I knelt in front of her and slowly pulled the big knickers down to the floor. I leaned in to give her pussy a kiss and said that I looked forward to serving her.

She pushed me away and went off to bathe. I unpacked and took the laundry downstairs and then brought her a glass of wine to sip in the bath. Sitting on the toilet I listened to her tale about  the course and who did what and what she had learned. As she got out of the bath I dried her off and she told me to strip to my pants and she would show me some moves in the bedroom.

After a few lunges and arm throws which did not work, we ended up wrestling around on the carpet. 

She yanked my pants down and smacked me a few times on the butt in a playful fashion. She asked me if I had been good and when I replied, no, she told me to get the bath-brush and kneel over the edge of the bed.

The whacking that came next was a stunner. I couldn’t catch my breath between the smacks. Once I was completely roasted she turned me around and made me lie on my back on the bed. We were both hot and bothered from the wresting and the spanking and I was unusually erect as I stared at her naked body.

She looked stunning as she waved the bath-brush in front of her and smacked the inside of my legs whilst gripping my prick ever so tight with one hand.

 She asked who was the boss in our relationship and I told her it was she.

She asked if I would ever mess around and I promised her I would not.

She asked if I would serve her and I said forever. 

After ten or more smacks with her open palm across my testicles she climbed on top of me and fucked like crazy. I came quickly and my wife rolled off and onto her back. My task was clear. i went down on my knees by the side of the bed and sucked for all I was worth. The salty cum ran down from inside her lips and onto my tongue and I happily licked her clean. She came after 5 minutes of rolling around, with her thighs locked around my head.

Downstairs I got on with the meal and she appeared in a tight leisure suit, a bit like pyjamas, but more elastic. I could see every part of her anatomy through the cloth. She was obviously knickerless and I wondered what else we might get up before the night was out.

I am defenceless.


  1. Very erotic account Michael. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Joey
      Thanks - it was a powerful evening and one that happens less and less as age sets in, so it is all the more important to enjoy TTWD.

  2. Exercise can do much to enhance a relationship!

    1. Hi Dave - yes indeed. You look as though you work out or is that an image?

  3. Michael,

    Perfect homecoming for you both.


    1. Home is where you hang your paddle.
      Have a good week.


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