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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Steamy phone talk

My  wife rang late last night. She was very excited. Her course had gone well and she had learned all sort of punches and grabs and things to do with a key ring which would paralyse an assailant.

 She and the girls had gone out for a Chinese meal, which she hates, because the course is not being held in a very salubrious area and the hotel where they are staying is a bit of a dive.

 She thinks that the volunteer men, who are in the course to be thrown about, are all the sort of men  she would be frightened of if she came across them in the street. Maybe they volunteer to go on the course in order to learn what a trained woman would do.
Anyway she is enjoying the whole experience so that is good. Apparently at the start of the day the instructor asked the group which of the women felt they were dominant types. My wife put up her hand and to her surprise so did one of her friends. She considered asking this friend if she disciplines her husband and said that after a few glasses of wine came very close to popping the question.

Maybe we could ask them round for dinner and find out I joked?

 Don’t get off on that fantasy said my wife. It isn’t going to happen.

We talked a bit more about my day and I left out some of the details.

As we said goodbye she told me to be on my guard when she gets home – she is feeling feisty.

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