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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Different days

Interesting development in the last few days. I became a chauffeur.

My wife had to go make a number of customer visits around the country so she had booked two nights at different hotels.

She decided that I could be a driver for her since I would only be at home job hunting or doing chores.

I was told to wear a blazer and grey slacks and attend to her every need on the trip. If we had had more time she said she would have invested in a grey peaked cap. 

On Monday I went to get the car cleaned and polished. The snow has stopped for the moment  over here and we are having cold but crisp clear days across the country so it made sense to have a shiny vehicle.

When we left the house on Tuesday morning my wife sat in the back seat. This was to be her place for the whole trip. It was all quite exciting really. She gave the instructions and I did as I was told. 

After calling on 3 clients we arrived at the hotel for the first night. I carried her bags in, walking behind her. My wife checked in and then handed me the room key.

"Take the luggage to my room. I am going to check out the spa."

One of the reception staff looked at me strangely.

Once in the room I  unpacked and  placed the clothes in the wardrobe and drawers. I came across a riding crop and the little red whip in her suitcase and placed them both carefully in one of the cupboards. I noticed that her vibrator was in her wet pack and I made a mental note to get some batteries at a filling station. She is not amused if I forget to keep this item in full working order.  She had told me as we pulled into the hotel that she wanted the room to herself and that I should wait in the lobby until she came down for dinner. 

She appeared about an hour later looking stunning in a black dress with high heels. I drove her to a nearby restaurant where she was due to have dinner with a customer. She sent me back to the hotel telling me I could have the evening off and she would get a taxi back, but I was not to drink.

I remembered to get the batteries and stopped off for a pizza at a budget Italian restaurant.  I could not resist ordering a glass of wine with the meal. It had been a long day.

Once I was back in the room there was a note on the bed where my wife instructed me to shower and wait for her to get back and not touch myself or fall asleep. I replenished the vibrator batteries and watched TV.

At around 1030 the room phone rang. My wife was back in the hotel but she was going to have  a nightcap with the client who had driven her back to the hotel. In sharp tones she told me to get naked and lie on the bed over some pillows and wait.

Eventually I heard the door click open and I heard her moving around behind me. I lay there with my bare bottom in the air, eagerly anticipating harsh strokes of the crop or the whip. Instead of this she spent time in the bathroom and then got into the the other twin bed. 

"Get under the covers and go to sleep."

Disappointed not to have  a blazing butt, I did as I was told and the lights were turned out. I lay there listening to the buzz of the vibrator under the bed covers and the small gasps of breath as she orgasmed. 

The next day I was the dutiful bag-carrier and driver. we covered around 200 miles with another 2 customer stops and the arrived at the second hotel. The check in procedure was repeated only this time there was no dinner with a client. Instead my wife went off to the Spa where she had previously arranged a backrub and pedicure. When she arrived back at the room in her bathrobe and spa slippers she said that she did not feel like getting dressed up again so we would have room service. 

As we sat and watched TV, I wondered if a session was in the offing. We finished a bottle of wine between us and i placed the dinner trays outside in the hall. 

"Pass me the crop and the hairbrush and then go and have a shower"

Excitedly I scurried around the room and washed myself speedily, applying a bit of aftershave to my bits and pieces in case things developed.

When I opened the bathroom door and stepped naked into the room i was left dumbstruck by the vision of my wife, dressed only in white panties, bent over the desk chair in front of the mirror. The hairbrush and the crop were lying on the bed behind her.

"I am sorry I have been naughty Sir. Please spank me." 

I needed no second bidding and slipped into the role play. It is only rarely that my wife gets into spanking and I took full advantage of the scene.

The evening turned into one of those wild nights. We played just about every imaginable game and then some. She got spanked, I was whipped, she had countless orgasms and gave a blow job before she told me to rub myself off whilst she gave me stroke after stroke with the crop. We eventually fell into a deep and happy sleep in the one bed.

The following morning we drove home, only this time she sat up front with me.

i think I have found a new vocation as a driver. We are already planning the next business trip.


  1. Michael,

    Wow. I think you found your dream job.


    1. Hi Joey - all I need to do is to work out how to get paid for it.

  2. A really good entry. Such a great description, and of cause all due to your behavior and good service. Well deserved I am very pleased for you. I'll work hard too. Thank you.

  3. Hi Harry
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get some spanks this weekend.

  4. Really good post. Enjoyed the read.

    Thanks Michael.



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