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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Normal routines return

Back to normal. The holiday season is over and we are back at work. 

Nothing much to report. We have not had a maintenance session on a Wednesday for quite a few weeks now and whilst I could really do with one long caning right now, it was not appropriate for me to suggest it.
I can't complain as there were quite a few surprise spankings over the Christmas season.

I gather that we went over the fiscal slope on the night of January 1 and that the markets thought that was a good thing. To me it seems that the can was kicked down the road in the USA just like the Europeans have done with the problem of debt over here. The politicians will do and say anything just to hold onto a few more years of power so they can claim their pensions or write their books.

I suppose it is escapism but I would like to be in sub space right now with a well paddled bottom and about to receive a dozen strokes of the cane.

Instead I am just about to clean the bathroom before wakening my wife and leaving for work.

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  1. Hi Michael. I concur with your thoughts about overdue maintenance. It's the same with us and we've noted a shift in our relationship (me becoming overbearing in Mistresses terms!) which needs nipping in the bud. Unlike you, the thought a the cane is to something I relish though do need. Good to hear you cleaned the bathroom before going to work (lol).


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