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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Spanklet - No going back

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

      -         Do I get to see you in your lingerie?
-         Would you see your Teacher’s panties when she spanked you?
-         No ma’am.
-         Would you see your Aunt’s suspenders and stockings when you were over her knee?
-         No ma’am.
-         Would you see the Gym Mistress in her knickers when she paddled you?
-         No ma’am.
-         Would you see your Office Manager in her bra and pants when you were bent over her desk?
-         No ma’am.
-         Just so, and neither will you see me taking off my clothes. I am a disciplinarian not a sex worker.

He shivered a little as a cold breeze passed down the corridor. Maybe this had not been such a good idea. Those images on the web site that had aroused him so intensely seemed  a distant memory.

Now that he had been on his knees on the hard floor for so many minutes, he was no longer certain of the strength of his desire, but there was no way back.

He heard the whirring sound of the whip tails before they landed across his bottom and then smiled.

Yes he thought, yes he did want to be here after all.

An hour or so later  they were in bed and his fiance was caressing him.

   - So was I good mistress ?

   - You were a terrific mistress. Roll over and
     I will show  you how good I think you are.

  -  Yes Sir




  1. Short, sweet, quirky and highly enjoyable, DC. You are good at these little Spanklets and this one was like a tiny, shining gem!

    It's so good to visit this blog on Sundays and find these little, well-crafted nuggets - thank you!

    If I might be permitted a bit of a boast, Dana Kane has published one of my stories, an entry in the recent competition; I would be honoured if you would take a look at it and it might just serve as a bit of a thank-you for all you have brought me.

    Well done once again!


  2. Hi HH thanks for the nice comment. Could you identify the name of the story on DK's site as she does not name them.


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