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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Monday brings a caning.

The spankings have been coming thick and fast in our household recently and I would not complain. I never know when all this punishment will melt away so for the moment I will relish what we have.

I was working in the garden most of the morning on Monday ( a public holiday) and when I came in I was hot and dirty.

Going upstairs to shower I passed the study where my wife was doing "household " stuff on the pc.

I told her what I was doing and she replied that I should stay naked and get the cane and wait in the corner of the bedroom.

My heart lifted and I responded with a cheery "Yes, ma'am" . I raced upstairs and showered in minutes.

I need not have been so speedy.

She left me standing there for an  hour. I could hear her moving around downstairs and wondered if she had forgotten about the cane threat or if this was the punishment.

The phone rang and I could hear her muffled voice. Then the kitchen door closed with a loud bang and I heard her on the stairs. She was still talking happily on the phone as she came into the bedroom. From the various things being said I guessed it must be her sister on the other end.

I stared relentlessly  at the wall. This was slightly embarrassing. Almost like having someone else in the room looking at my nudity.

I turned my head when there was  a tap on my shoulder to see my wife signalling at me to go into the middle of the room. She was holding the cane in one hand and the phone to her ear in the other.

I got into the "touching toes" position and waited. I am no longer supple so the backs of my legs were straining and I could still only get my fingers  to grab at ankle level.

I heard my wife say something about having to deal with something and she rang off.

She must have switched hands quickly because the next thing I knew was a whizz and a hard cane stroke across my bottom.

She caned me thoroughly about a dozen times.  I stayed as quiet as a church mouse, barely breathing properly, as the heat built up across my bare cheeks.

Cold canings are definitely hard to take.

- You did very well. I quite enjoyed that. 

I  knew better than to say anything so I just stayed head down. She ran the tip of the cane up and down the backs of my legs and tapped me between them. I flinched wondering what might come next.

-Did you enjoy the wait for your punishment?

- Yes ma'am. thank you ma'am.

- Well, another dozen and we'll call it a day. Stand up and let me see you. 

I was gaining a bit of an erection  now that the pain had subsided a little.

- Lie on the bed and I will cane you over the pillows for a change.

I raced into position and lifted my bottom high. The next few minutes were an absolute delight. She can really swing that cane when she chooses.

We had a great evening, when I cooked a meal and we watched TV with dinner on our knees.

Afterwards in bed she joked about perhaps providing  telephone sex calls as a service, whilst she caned me for realism.

I told her that I thought she would make a lot of money that way.

More public holidays please.


  1. Sounds like your wife is certainly looking after you:)

    P once took a call just as we was about to spank me so I know what you mean "slightly embarrassing. Almost like having someone else in the room looking at my nudity." it seemed like that for me.


  2. Thanks for sharing Michael. I am glad you are getting lots of spankings.



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