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Friday, 21 September 2012

That book of points

When I went to enter the 10 strokes of the cane in the demerit book, which is kept in our locked blanket box, along with the instruments and toys, I saw that this brought the unaccounted-for total to 55. I am honour bound to keep my wife informed on the status of the demerit book and 55 unspent points is above the level she usually regards as acceptable.

As we got ready for bed last night I told her as much and she asked for the book. She also demanded a foot massage so, whilst I busied myself with the creams and lotions, I had to listen to a longish lecture on my misbehaviour. 

To the total of 55 she added another 10 strokes for perpetually leaving the lights on in our study when I have left the room. Then she asked if I had any voluntary admissions of bad behaviour. 

I owned up to Googling “Kate Middleton topless photos”, following last week’s revelations in a French magazine. She was more annoyed about this than I thought she would be and said that it deserved a good twenty strokes of the cane in its own right.

As I finished off the massage and started to get into bed my wife told me that she would sort me out this Saturday night, before we go out for supper with friends.

The foot massage had relaxed her and as I lay down beside her she pulled away the sheets and indicated that I had work to do. She wriggled out of her PJ bottoms and I fulfilled my duties with a slow “lickin and kissin”. I was kneeling by her side and that gave her an easy target to use the palm of her hand to smack my balls in a very painful fashion. The more I rotated my tongue on her clit, the harder she smacked and yanked at my penis. When her first orgasm finally arrived I was feeling sore but strangely satisfied at her domination.

After two or three more orgasms with my tongue, in quick succession, she told me to stop so that she could get her breath back.  I lay back down on the bed and stroked the underside of her bottom with my left hand whilst I masturbated with my right. As she drifted off to sleep my wife told me to desist and save myself for another occasion. 

I did as I was told and closed my eyes, imagining events and pain to come on Saturday.

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