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Monday, 24 September 2012

Night out (and in)

We went to the movies the other night.. It featured a couple whose wife decides that they sexual counselling would kick start their 30 year marriage into some romantic shape. It was a good film with great characters and contains quite a few laughs.

One of the tasks set by the sex counselor is for each to describe their sexual fantasies. There was nothing too special in what they had to tell, dragged from the darkest recesses of their minds.

After the film we had a drink in a bar and laughed over some of the scenes.
My wife commented that the film would have been 6 hours long if they had asked me about my fantasies. She has heard them all and has happily role- played many of them. 

She asked me what I knew of her fantasies – I said not a lot, because she hardly mentioned them and anyway I figured that they involved other men or women so she probably did not want me to know about them. I on the other hand, usually include my wife in my fantasises, even when there might be other women in the scene. I have even told her about the one where she makes me suck off another guy before he whips me with a cane, as I lick her.

In the car on the way home my wife passed her hand over my thigh and told me to unfasten my zip and loosen  my trousers. In a matter of moments she had her head on my lap and was licking at my penis. I drove on very happily. I couldn’t get an erection but there was a stirring so she paused and started to use her hand. This had more effect as she was squeezing and pulling it, but it was obvious I would have to get home and take a stimulus pill before anything serious would grow down there. 

I asked her if she would pull up her skirt and finger herself so I could watch. We were on a fairly dark straight road and it would take at leat another 10 minutes to get home. After the 3 glasses of wine she was happy to oblige and lowered the seat back until she was nearly horizontal. I watched the show out of the corner of my eye. She exaggerated her pleasure a little bit for my benefit but she definitely had two orgasms before we pulled into the drive.She ran into the house giggling like a girl. 

The whole scene was very exciting and once I had had my pill and we were in bed, I was able to be of practical use doggy style. I smacked her bottom a couple of times and got no complaint, so I landed 5 more stinging slaps to her pink cheeks before coming.

A great night out at the movies.


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.


  2. A nice tale, thanks for sharing it with us. What was the name of the film please? I know another married couple who might enjoy it ;-)


  3. Hi Joey - thanks for passing by. You seem to be having quite a party time of it in the USA these days.

    Hi Rod. Nice to hear from you. I follow your blog and enjoy the writing. The film is Hope Springs and if you are 50+ I am sure it will ring some bells.

  4. Now that was a great night out for you both.


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