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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cycling penalty points

I was awarded a serious demerit on Sunday last. We were in the car and came up to a traffic queue. in the rear-view mirror  I watched a cyclist pull up behind the car. A very pretty blond, she was, wearing a tank top and shorts. The girl half wheeled, half pushed the bike between our car and the footpath. When she appeared in front of us and sat on the saddle to wait for a space and cycle off, she presented a spectacularly cheeky  bottom only a few feet in front of my eyes.

I was seen to be enraptured and it was made worse when I stalled the car and then spent too long driving slowly behind the girl, pretending that there was not enough space to overtake.

After a hundred yards or so my wife commented that she hoped I had enjoyed myself because I could now add 10 strokes of the cane in my punishment book, to be taken at some date in the future.

 She told me she did not enjoy being with a middle-aged "oggler" and that I had better keep my eyes on the road in the future.

I still have the vision in my memory, so it was worth the upcoming pain of the cane..

Shame that summer seems to be coming to an end


  1. Michael, I can imagine your wife calmly watching you enjoy yourself before unleashing that horrible message of ten extra strokes. But you do deserve every one of them and more: driving without due care and attention, putting your wife at risk, not being respectful to your wife. Goodness, you are lucky you got off with just 10!

  2. My wife is beginning to spank me, and has given me a couple (literally, just 2) good ones.
    Do you have any ideas as to how to introduce her to the idea of a penaty book like the one you have?


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