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Sunday, 30 September 2012

One of those uneventful Sundays.


It has been a mixed up start to the weekend.

 I haven't got a Spanklet ready to go, although I have one or two works in progress that I cannot get finished.

I may do some light reading this afternoon as my wife is out at some friend of hers (who has marriage troubles).

 I was thinking of catching up on The Vanilla Domme as mentioned at  Hermajestysplaything.

There is also Adventures of Dolly Morton as mentioned by Ronnie at Heart and Soul and I am way behind at Cassies Space.

I might just fritter away an hour or so on the spanking web later today, but there are bathrooms to be cleaned first.

After quite a full few weeks of spanking I have nothing to report on today. The razor strop arrived safely but I need to prep it by cutting off the metal hanger thingy at one end and stiffening the handle end, maybe by fixing the leather between two pieces of wood with adhesive. When it comes out for use I would like it to be fit for purpose. 

That could be garage work this evening whilst that interminable Downton Abbey is on the TV. It would be nice if some servant in that House got a whipping. At least it would relieve the boredom.

I hope you have a good Sunday wherever you are and however you choose to spend it or are permitted to do so.

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