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Monday, 1 October 2012

Shamed and caned

My wife returned home yesterday afternoon from a brief shopping trip and tea out with a friend. 

I had done my chores and was attending to some last minute tidying up in the garden. She decided on a bath before getting into something casual for an evening in front of the TV. I was due to make some pizza and salad and everything was set for a quiet night.

After about an hour I went upstairs to shower and the first thing I noticed on the bed was a rolled up pair of tights (pantyhose). My heart stopped and my stomach churned as I thought how stupid I had been. 

I had worn these tights that afternoon whilst I had been cleaning the bathroom. I enjoy the sexy feeling of the material against my bare skin and I had stripped off, selected a pair from my wife’s drawer and got on with my work. Every now and then I had picked up the wooden hairbrush from the dresser and given myself a hard self spanking – just for motivation.

When I went into her bathroom my wife asked me to explain why she had found the tights behind the bedroom door when she went to get her dressing gown. I related my antics with a red face of shame. 

I was told to go and hand-wash them and then come back with the cane.

The thrashing she delivered was brisk and purposeful. 12 strokes on the bare whilst bent over trying to touch my toes, which had me dancing form one foot to the other in short order.

That evening once she was settled in front of the TV, with a glass of wine in hand, I made off to the study to leave her watching Downton. I was called back and told to give her a pedicure and foot massage and  generally be a useful servant. 

Just like the old days she murmured , nothing like have a maid to do the boring stuff.


  1. I'm on a promise this week I've posted about what might happen and will post later in week. I love having a partner to keep me in check. Great job, thank you. H

  2. Sunday wasn't that uneventful after all:) Thanks for the mention.


  3. It sounds as if she disapproves of you wearing her stuff. Is that right? Or perhaps is part of her role as your dominant?

  4. Hello Harry - look forward to reading your post.
    Hi Ronnie - you're right Sunday was full of surprises.
    Hello VS - My wife knows of my interest in ladies panties but I am only supposed to wear the stuff that is specifically mine and again only when told to. Wearing her tights was out of order and I should have removed the evidence if I was paying attention.


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