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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Don't get stroppy

No sooner had  the Demerit book been expunged of penalty points than I found myself completing a new entry last night. My wife had remembered some stroppy attitude of mine over the weekend and gave me lecture about it over dinner. She told me to enter 10 points in the book. 

I joked that stroppy behaviour deserved the strop. She agreed and asked if I meant a razor strop? I said yes, but pointed out that as we do not have one it would have to be a strap. 

Later that evening she reminded me that we had talked about having a razor strop before now and she thought she had told me to get one, so I could add another 10 points in the book for disobedience. 

This morning there was a text from her which said simply - Buy one, max £30.00 - I knew what she wanted. 

I have found quite a wicked looking one on ebay and have taken the plunge. At least it is under budget.

I don't know why but my wife has suddenly taken to discipline in a fresh spirit. Maybe things are good for her at work or her exercise class has filled her with energy. 

Whatever it is that has lightened her load,  I am getting regular punishment and a fairly constant sore bottom and so am loving it.

Now I had better get that dinner on the go.


  1. Let me know if you "like" it. I bought one and I was very disappointed.

  2. I often cook and serve dinner for our friends, but on a few (fortunately rare) occasions, I was ordered by my wife to do so in very much the same attire as the man in the picture - and after having had to place a sturdy switch on the dinner table!

    Needless to say, she always found occasion to use it for some fault of mine.. but (fortunately) only before one of her close (female) friends -who were already aware of the way she keeps me in line...


    1. You should be grateful that I have never used the strap or the rattan cane in their presence - but you surely remember the time I used the martinet on your naked derrière under M's eyes (oh! how you were yelping that time!...)

      And, of course, there will be some such other occasions ;-)


    2. Not too soon, I hope! (especially after the way you used that leather strap earlier this evening!)


  3. I would fumble about the antique/junk shops. Amazing what you might find.

    The trick with leather is to keep it supple...A good strop is not a paddle. It is flexible. It wraps round as it were. That is about oiling the poor old thing.

    Love the blog and thanks for the links!


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