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Sunday, 27 December 2015

The gloves came off

The Boxing Day surprise came out of the blue. Our family guests took it into their heads to go shopping instead of the conventional walk. We were doing chores so my wife told them to go ahead and we would catch them up for a coffee.

We didn't really want to go shopping but we had to be sociable. They took a cab into the town and my wife volunteered me to stay sober and drive us all back although that would mean two trips because there were five of them.

"That way," she had said  "They could drink something in town."

 I had a better idea. It was everyone coming back by taxi and my wife and I not going to town and then we could all walk to the pub and I could have a drink. 
The guests liked my wife's idea because there were more bars in town and they were bored with our local pub..

When the door shot behind them and the taxi drove away, S turned to me and said she didn't like being argued with and that if she had  a plan, then that plan was what would happen.

I saw the look in her face and apologised.

I don’t like nonsense, I won’t allow it.

"Get the long cane and meet me in the dining room."

I did as instructed without a murmur of dissent.

She undid my belt and dropped my trousers and ignored my erection. "Bend over the table!"

There was a silence and then a "zip whoosh" before the cane landed and I jumped with the pain of the hard stroke.

Twenty strokes later and S laid the cane on the table and told me to get dressed and get on with my jobs. We will leave in an hour,  she told me and she expected better behaviour during the day.

That's pretty much what she got and we had some quiet sex later with me going down on her.

PS I know Boxing Day is not about boxing but this image was better,


  1. I can't ignore my erection from reading this.

    1. Hi Sub hub, glad you enjoyed my submission.

  2. Great story. the instant punishment for a wrongdoing is great though I bet you were sore for a while.

    1. Hi Baxter. Nice to hear from you again.Yes twenty strokes does scorch the derriere.

  3. Well you did deserve it. You should know never to argue with your wife.



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