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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hard strokes

Joey in NY has described how he decided that it was time to get one of those thrashings that he would remember. 

Take a look at his account at Careful what you wish for Part One and the subsequent Part 2.

This is something that has preyed on my mind for a long time. My wife is good with the cane and 30 or 50 strokes from her do really hurt and I know that I have been punished when she is finished.

However I have never had that really hard caning. The one where the cane strokes are delivered slowly and powerfully and where the intent is to deliver maximum pain across the whole bottom in a long continuous session.

My wife would not countenance me visiting someone who would give me such a thrashing, so it will have to remain a fantasy.

All the same, I do wonder if I could take  a professional caning. I think that I could and that I would get a huge sense of satisfaction and pleasure from such a session, provided it was not rushed and that there was also some dialogue between myself and the deliverer of the strokes.

There is plenty of visual and written material on the web  to satisfy my fantasies but one good session is definitely on my Bucket List. 

If I could change my life I would certainly liked to have been a Nu Leda model participant in the 70's and 80's, when i looked a lot trimmer than I do now

I should have gone West.


  1. Michael,

    Thank you for the comment in your post. I had a great conversation with Mistress Nona during the play. We are very good friends.

    I never dreamed of such an experience three years ago. Maybe someday.


  2. I had exactly the feelings you describe and have pursued it once or twice a year, even though I an caned at home by my beloved.

    Each experience has been challenging and way beyond the intensity of play at home.

    I have found it a wonderful liberation to place myself in the hands of a professional whose only focus is delivering the strokes accurately and with full force.

    The lack of emotional involvement is also liberating.

    The marks from these sessions are visible for up to 4 weeks after the caning - and are proudly borne.

    I hope you make it a reality if that is what you need.

    Best wishes,


  3. My ex gave me quite a lot of money to take 40 cane strokes from a master on my bottom and 12 over the back of my legs i dont know which hurt most but no shorts or short skirt could be worn for a good 4 weeks i enjoyed the experiance so much i have been back loads of times on my own but with the master afterwards having sex while i am bent over great result thanks ex


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