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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Great start to a mundane Tuesday.

As I got out of bed this morning my wife rolled over on her side and yanked at the elastic of my pyjama bottoms. They slid about 6" down to reveal my naked butt

"Unmarked I see. Get the cane. I have time to sort you out before I go to work."

This was a pleasant surprise.

"Can I shower first?"

"No. I am in the mood right now!"

The tone of her voice left no ambiguity as to her intent. I raced to the blanket chest with the key.

She was still in bed when I handed her the long cane.

"Stand in front of the wardrobe and push your bottom out."

I scrambled into position and stood, legs akimbo, with the wobbles in my muscles and a fog in my brain. 

 I heard her go the bathroom.

In a few moments she was back and my pyjama trousers were pulled to a puddle of cloth on the floor. She held my stiffening cock in one hand and swished the cane through the air with the other. I shivered with excitement.

"Hold yourself and start wanking"

I shifted my position and replaced her grip with mine. As she stood to one side I began to rub.

"Wait a minute. You look a bit dry."

With a feeling of amazement I looked down and watched as she knelt and placed her mouth over the end of my prick and sucked and washed the tip with her lips and tongue. I moaned a little with pleasure of the experience and wiggled my hips.

When she had finished lubricating me, my wife resumed her caning position and the first stroke whizzed down across the centre of my bottom.

"Wank, but don't you dare come."

The instruction was clear enough and the message was reinforced by another speedy stroke of the cane. Keeping my balance with my bottom pushed out was tricky. My right hand was occupied and I was supporting my body weight with the less strong left arm. 

She caned me slowly, leaving long pauses between each stroke and telling me what a naughty boy I was, whilst sliding the end of the cane up and down each leg. This was electric stuff and I had only received maybe ten strokes when I felt I was ready to explode. I stopped the rubbing. I was on the point of coming.

The cane whizzed into me hard.

"Wank, I said."

The cane hit again.

"I can't Ma'am," I stuttered, legs and bottom shaking.  "I'm coming."

"No you're not. Now do it and do it properly."

I started again, holding myself less hard this time. The strokes of the cane were quicker and harder. 

"You're such a naughty boy aren't you?" 

I uttered a yes ma'am between the  stinging  strokes of the cane.. I was slowing up with the rubbing. My head was trying to control my nervous system, telling the zone at the end of my prick not to release the sperm. 

"Please Ma'am I need to come."

"No you don't. Control yourself. Do you want the cane or do you want to come?" She passed a cool hand over my wealed cheek on the left hand side.

"I need the cane Miss. I need it badly."

"So wank for 10 more strokes then."

She delivered them carefully and with a hard swing. The pain was delicious and I masturbated hard but willed my penis not to come. When the last stroke landed I took my hand away and leaned forward on both hands and arms. I was breathing hard. 

"Right then. Tidy up and get breakfast on the go. I haven't got all day to discipline naughty boys, enjoyable though it is." 

She dropped the cane on the floor and disappeared into the bathroom. As I  turned I caught sight of  her cute naked bottom before she was gone. 

Perhaps I forgot to mention that she had been nude throughout the session.


  1. Oh My! I am breathless. A very vivid account. She is fully in control but you are well served and deeply loved.

  2. Wow. What a great way to start a mundane Tuesday morning.



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