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Thursday, 1 November 2012

A weekend of chores

I work as an agent for a European company which takes a a holiday on All Souls Day so I may as well take one as well, since there is no one to talk to over there. They are planning to take Friday off and to make a long weekend of it.

My wife has other ideas for me than to let me lounge around for 4 days. She wants a guest bedroom decorated, so in an hour or so I will make a start shifting furniture. As an incentive she has promised some play at the end of each day, subject to my making good progress.When she asked me what might encourage me to do a good job I said the cane, of course, We will have to see what transpires.

On the subject of canes can I draw your attention once again to the Spockings and to this video in particular Domestic discipline 

I had better not get involved in video watching for obvious reasons but these guys are worth getting into trouble for.

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