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Friday, 2 November 2012

Home Decorating

Day 1 of home decorating went OK, although I am not as speedy as I used to be at this sort of task.. I got the preparation  done and a lot of rubbing down. A bit more to do this morning and then I get to start painting. My wife bought all the paint yesterday on her lunch break so I have no excuses for leaving the house.

I managed to get a pasta dinner  ready for when she got home but since I had forgotten to put on the washing, there were no good points awarded for my culinary efforts and I hade to put 10 demerits in the book. There was not a great deal on the TV that was of any interest so we retired early to bed.

Just when I thought that nothing would happen on the training/discipline front my wife told me to retrieve the bath-brush and lie on my front over a couple of pillows.

She pulled down my pants in a slow deliberate fashion and spent some time giving me playful slaps and telling me what a good job I was doing with the decorating but that I musn’t let the other chores slide. Then in a flurry of strokes she gave me a dozen swats with bath-brush, six on each cheek, all in the exactly the same point on the top of the curve. These stung like the blazes but it was such a great feeling that I almost asked her to continue.

When she was done we cuddled like spoons, she behind me, and the cool of her skin on my overheated bottom was fantastic. She slid one hand around in front of me and gave me a bit of a rub and a wank, but then got bored because her wrist ached.

Another day has dawned and  before she left the house she told me that she expected great progress and that she might come home for lunch to check up on me.

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