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Monday, 27 January 2014

Good weekend after some errors were corrected

Some general bad tempered'ness was dealt with over the weekend, as was  an omission to collect some dry cleaning on Friday, in spite of me  having been reminded twice during the week. This meant that my wife had to go to party on Friday in something other than the dress of her choice. 

For me it turned out to have benefits because she wore some new tight trousers and a jacket with a scarf around her neck. Very sexy outfit when combined with low heels.

The retribution took place on Sunday morning. After her morning cup of tea I was sent to teh bathroom for the bath-brush. Placing me with my hands against the wall she pulled down my pyjama bottoms and told me to stick my butt out. I was scolded for some time whilst she rubbed the back of the brush against my cheeks and then she lifted the brush and struck.

Thirty very hard spanks later and I was left in no doubt as to who is in charge in our home.

I was left in position whilst my wife went off to the bathroom. She returned and stood closeup behind me rubbing her chilled, showered waist and pubes against my hot bottom. Slipping her hand round my front she grasped my penis and asked if I fancied an early morning fuck.

I gurgled a reply in the affirmative and we hit the bed in a tumble of fun. 

She went down on me and then I returned the favour. Penetration is not on the cards because it is painful for her nowadays, but we enjoyed our play and she spanked me across her legs on top of the bed, whilst I rubbed myself underhand. When I was about to come she made me stand by the side of the bed and I wanked to orgasm whilst she spanked my balls and the side of my bottom.

Happiness reigned for the remainder of the day and we went to the cinema to see the "singer with  the cat " movie. 

It was dismally useless and just goes to show how the hype media machine can propel a film into a "must see" without any justification.  Honestly there are much better films out there. 

We returned home and had pasta and then some sex again. Bit like our younger days.


  1. Glad I read your post as it saves me going to see that movie. Thanks.


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. I was in eager anticipation for what I was told was going to be my punishment day on Sunday. Alas, it did not happen.

  3. "Thirty very hard spanks later and I was left in no doubt as to who is in charge in our home."

    Nicely put.



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