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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Speeding towards a caning

Oops. A speeding ticket arrived at the house when I was away for the day and a night. Not good news as it was mine and I have already done a speed awareness course in the last 3 years, so no chance to avoid the penalty points this time. 

Alas, since my wife is aware of the ticket ,there is also no chance to avoid the punishment caning that is headed my way. 

She had left the ticket on the kitchen island for when I got home along with a short scribbled note that just said "Deal with this and I will deal with you"

A previous caning for a parking fine last September left me marked for quite a time and i expect nothing less this time. I will just have to wait and worry until she gets round to it. In the meantime the fine will hurt my wallet and my licence. If only one of those fantasy discipline houses really existed where you could opt for a thrashing instead of paying a penalty fine.

Ah well, my turn with my wife will come when i least expect it and in the meantime i expect this weekend the atmosphere will be frosty inside as well as outside.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Was just wondering if you'd had your punishment caning for the speeding ticket yet. Does you wife have a set tariff - so many strokes for every mph over the limit?

    Great idea of yours for a Government discipline centre to offer CP therapy as a means to curb speeding?

    Do you think it would actually reduce the incidents of speeding or increase them.

    Maybe it could be extended to be a corrective measure in a whole range minor offences.

    Sorry, fantasies running away with me again.

    Good luck with the speeding punishment.



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