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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rewarded for all that effort

I got home from helping my wife's friend at her charity shop at about 5pm on Sunday. My wife suggested a meal out at the pub but before that she called Sandra to see how I had got on.

Apparently I had been very helpful ,so that was the good news.

Before we left the house my wife asked me upstairs. I thought I might be due the cane as I still had those 50 strokes in the book but things turned out differently. She told me to shower and bring back the little red whip from the chest on the landing and stay naked. I took care not to splash around in the bathroom, given that I had only just cleaned it that morning.

Back in the bedroom my wife was wearing just a thong and a bra. My head was buzzing with excitement.

She told me to pull the bed chest away from the bed and to lie on my back. She got me into a position which she lwanted, with my head supported and my feet and ankles hanging over the end. I turned my head and watched as she slowly removed the thin panties and then taking  the whip, she stood at my side and ran the leather tails up and down my legs and torso. 

She drove me mad with excitement and I just lay there with my hands by my side as she teased me with feathery touches. After a few moments she raised the whip and then struck it across the inside of my thighs. She continued doing this as she lifted one leg and straddled my chest. My erection was bobbing around, desperate to feel a stroke of the whip.When she was in position with her bottom over my face she slowly lowered her body so that her pink lips touched mine.

"Lick slowly ,she instructed. "There's no rush."

She continued the soft flogging, working over my testicles and prick and then back to my thighs. With a swaying motion she pushed her hips back and forth over my tongue so that one minute I was licking her clit and the next the ring of her anus. All the pressure was from her- if she wanted it harder she pushed down and if softer then she lifted herself up.I groaned with pleasure as she increased the force in the flicks of the whip.

Leaning forward slightly she rested the whip on my chest and then grabbed my penis with her cool right hand. She pumped vigorously, pulling and yanking the rod one minute and then sotly rubbing it the next

"If you come I won't whip you. You're such a naughty boy you know that don't you?"

I murmered my agreement with a mouth full of soft wet cunt.

As she pulled hard on my prick  groaned in the torment. I was close to release but I wanted more pain from that leather whip. She ground downn hard on my face and I licked for all I was worth, trying to get her to orgasm

I felt the whip being lifted from my chest and then she flogged me in a frenzy. She managed to get the end of the whip tails to flick down and up inside the cleft of my bottom and I lifted up my waist, willing her to place more stroke there.

Just as I sensed that my tongue was having a good effect on her clit, she moaned.

"Wank yourself you naughty boy,"she said in a low husky voice.

I needed no second bidding and grabbed my cock. With her left hand she rubbed at her own mound to get extra pressure and then, just as I spurted semen on to my chest, she shuddered and came.

For a moment the room was quiet and I just lay there spent. My wife clambered off me and threw herself back on the bed. 

"More, " she demanded.

I rolled off the bench and jumped on the bed beside her, with my head down between her legs.

She had five or six more hip jerking orgasms and then pushed my head away.

We both lay exhausted, head to toe, and  I sucked and kissed her beautiful feet.

Eventually she made getting up movements.

"I hope you enjoyed that."

What else could I say but "Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am."


  1. Hi MIchael,You are very lucky to have your wife ,.My, she knows how to give you a really good reward for the hard work you did.

    1. Thanks Terry. Yes all is going well with the FLR.It has gained a second wind after a longish lull.


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