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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sunday cleaning and a reminder to do better

When I woke on Sunday I lay in bed with an early morning erection and thoughts of how to make the day nice for my wife. I played with myself quietly, rubbing but not too vigorously.

“Are you awake?” The voice from underneath the pile of pillows on my left sounded sleepy.


“What are doing?.”

“Nothing” I took my hand off my cock and rearranged my shorts.

"In that case get up and do ten exercises."

I stood in the middle of the room and slowly bent to touch my toes. I did another nine up and down and managed to get a bit closer to my feet with my fingers than I had done yesterday.

Standing up I asked her if she wanted a cup of tea. 

“Not his morning. Today I want fresh orange juice and a croissant.”

I knew we had neither in the kitchen so I got into some trousers and a shirt and told her I would drive to a shop.

“Good. That means I can go back to sleep.”

The round trip to the 24 hour supermarket took about 40 minutes. Back home I made up a tray with the juice and warm croissants and some flowers I had bought. I percolated some fresh coffee and took the tray upstairs, along with the Sunday papers.

“Oh what a treat, “ my wife exclaimed, as she sat up and rearranged the pillows behind her.

“A pleasure ma’am.”  I gave a small bow of service.

“Well don’t just stand there. You can get on and clean the bathroom.”

As I left the room she added that she would inspect my efforts.

I grabbed the cleaning materials bucket from downstairs and set about my task. It took me about 45 minutes to get the room sparkling and then I reported back to the bedroom.

Setting the tray to one side my wife clambered out of bed and I followed her into the bathroom. 

She looked closely at the sanitary ware and bath and pulled out a small hair from behind a tap. I had seen that and thought I had got it with the sponge. This find made her look even more closely in the corners of the room and then she ran a finger along the frame round the door. There was dust on her fingertip from the top of the door.

“I thought you said you had cleaned this room?”

“Well Ma’am there were only two small things.”

“Two is too many. Drop your trousers and bend over hands on the bath.”

She reached inside the shower and pulled out the bathbrush.

“Please ma’am not that brush.”

“What else would it be in the bathroom? Now get bent over.”

I assumed the position but she decided she wasn’t happy and told me to remove my trousers completely and take off my pants. I had a handsome erection by the time I had done this but she ignored it.

“You must know the Punishment Book backwards by now. What do I still owe you?”

“Seventy two with the cane ma’am, with the twenty added from yesterday.”

“Ah yes, that nonsense with the back door. Well I’ll take twenty two and swop them for this brush and round it up to twenty fours for this sloppy work in the bathroom."

I groaned inwardly. That brush is horrendous.

“After this you’re going to meet Sandra to help clear her shop ready for you to paint tomorrow. I want to send you off with a reminder to do a good job. Maybe I should tell her that you got a good spanking. I am sure she would be amused.”

I knew she wouldn’t do this but you can never be sure.

“Please don’t do that Ma’am. I will do a good job I promise.”

“You couldn’t count very well the other day I seem to remember. This time I want you to count and tell me each time that you won’t forget to lock the doors in future. Understood.”

With that she whacked the brush into my left cheek.

“Yes ma’am. One ma’am. I must not forget to lock the door.”

“Two ma’am. I must not forget to lock the door.”

The spanking continued at a leisurely pace. She was in no hurry and she took care directing the brush to a place where she had not landed a stroke.
I was hopping from one leg to the other by the time she got to twelve and I found it difficult to collect my thoughts and repeat the mantra.
She carried on calmly thwacking away, using the weight of the brush head to land really sore spanks which echoed round the tiled room.

Eventually we arrived at twenty four and I was instructed to dress and get on my way.

“That bottom looks a lovely shade of red. I do like this brush you know. I should use it more often.”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am. “

“Be back by four,darling. If you get a good report from Sandra there might be a reward.”

I set off with a spring in my step, determined to earn that reward.


  1. Michael.

    Terrific way to start a Sunday morning.


    1. Indeed. My wife seems to be enjoying the FLR at the moment and I certainly appreciate all the discipline and hot bottoms.

  2. A bathbrush ? !!!! Ouch !! I bet that hurt. We have a plastic one but my wife hasn't used it on me....yet!
    Hope you got a NICE reward for your efforts.
    Kind regards,

    1. The bathbrush needs to be received to be fully appreciated. I suggest you buy one and offer it to your partner. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi michael, My Sunday started badly and went downhill there after! I spilt her early morning tea coming upstairs and had to sponge it clean! I went down stairs tomake another when she called out 'Oh you can bring my cane with you !' She then gave me a row and removed my trousers and pants.I bent over for 8 strokes which had me dancing about when she finished! A hour later the phone rang- her mother ! 'He what ?' I had forgotten to post the birthday card for my wifes Grandma! I think my face went very pale ! My wife carrried on about entrusting me with a simple task but staff meetings in the office- and I forgot !! She finally looked at me and reminded me her Mum was comimg to Sunday dinner, then said her Mum had expressed a wish to see me caned some weeks ago but my wife said she had resisted the idea- until now! Well after lunch I did the washing up etc! About an hour later ,My wife took my trousers and pants off in front of both of them although I covered my 'front' -a bit too late wifey said and then lay over the arm of the sofa! Her Mum looked at hte marks already on my bum, before the first stoke struck low down om my buttocks .The caning continued and she gave me some 15 strokes before offering the cane to her Mum she gave me 10 more, caning slowly and carefully adding to the pain quite effectively ! terry

  4. Michael,

    I think your wife is a very lucky lady.


    1. I try to serve with a smile and I am well rewarded in the spanking area although it is not her kink.

  5. Have been following you for a bit, and it appears your wife finds many reasons to spank you and keep your bottom well marked. I would hope if Sandra is not happy with your work that she be allowed to spank you also.


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