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Sunday, 6 October 2013

A pleasant evening in

There wasn't any spanking yesterday. Just a few slaps to my bottom when I looked bored in the sofa shop.

We didn't see anything we liked so gave up and went for a drink instead.
I cooked a meal and we watched internet catch up TV .

I offered to give my wife a foot bath and rub and unsurprisingly she accepted. Whilst I busied myself with the spa thingy and the hot water and creams she went off and put on her dressing gown. 

When she sat on the sofa I knelt and asked her to lift her feet into the warm water. As she did so the robe fell away and I caught a glimpse of a her at the top of her thighs. She was naked.

"Are you sneaking a peek young man?"

"No ma'am."

"Well don't. Just get on with the job in hand."

For the next half an hour I concentrated on giving her  a great foot rub with vigorous scrubbing and then gentle creaming.

As I finished, I knelt lower and kissed each foot on the bridge of her toes. 

When she lay further back in the sofa and spread her knees apart I guessed that I wasn't finished.

"Well what are you waiting for boy?"

Within a few seconds my head was between her legs and my tongue was in action.

She slid forward to give me better access and we were away. 

Afterwards we both dozed on the leather couch.

"Maybe we should keep this old sofa after all?" she mumbled in a sleepy voice.

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  1. You must have done an excellent job giving her a foot rub, and she wanted to reward you by letting you lick her. You are very lucky.


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