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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Driving badly earns the paddle

There are 50 strokes of the cane in the Punishment Book which are yet to be expunged and now, I am sorry to say, there are 20 with the paddle.

The day had started well, after such a pleasant episode of cunnilingus last night and we were both in a good mood. I did some jobs and then we drove off to see friends.

On the way this guy started harrassing me in the car and kept pulling up close behind me. My wife spotted me trying to accelerate away from him and gave me a scolding about my driving. This caused a bit of red mist I have to say and when the driver tried to overtake I gunned the accelerator a little to make it impossible for him to overtake. 

When we finally arrived at our destination my wife was in a mood.

"Don't ever drive like that again. You had better make sure you are better behaved over lunch."

I thought it would be better to clear the air so I apologised.

"OK Just don't do it. I know he was being a pain but that's no reason for you to drive stupidly."

We kissed and made up and I rang the doorbell.

As we waited my wife patted my bottom. 

"You need to add 20 strokes of the paddle to the book for your silliness. I will enjoy giving those."

Just as I said "Yes ma'am." the door opened and I don't know whether our hostess heard me.

I wrote up the tariff when we got back home and replaced the book in her knicker drawer.

Hey ho.


  1. I'm sure she will enjoy giving you the paddle. Not only were you wrong but what you did was not legal. If you know you were wrong you should tell her and ask for 30 instead of the 20.

    1. I did not suggest 30 as she came up with the bathbrush instead. Thanks anyway.

  2. Let the jerk pass even if you have to pull over to the side, you do not need an accident. I do this and the reciprocation love is terrific. She even gives me a light love pat for doing this.


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