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Monday, 7 October 2013

Spoke too soon

When I posted yesterday evening I may have been getting ahead of myself regarding a spanking. We were preparing for bed, after my wife had watched her favourite Sunday programme whilst  I had been on the internet and my wife was rummaging in her drawer for some nightwear items when she came across the Punishment book under the knickers.

She flicked through it and turned to talk to me.

"We might as well deal with the driving incident now, so instead of fetching the paddle go and get the bathbrush."

"Oh no. Please can't it be the paddle?"

"Don't argue unless you want to make it worse."

When I returned with the brush she was sitting on the edge of the bed in her pyjama top and some panties. 

"Come and kneel down in front of me. Keep your shorts on I don't want to see all your bits."

I positioned myself sideways-on to her legs and put my head to the ground in submission so that my bottom was sticking up high.

"This is such a good position," she commented. I get to sit down and relax and you get what's coming to you."

With that she landed the first stroke on my right cheek. I cried out an ouch and then she smacked the other cheek. As I smarted she stroeked the brush up my legs and around my bottom. 

"Eighteen to come. I'm going to go slowly so you had better think of how how your driving is going to improve."

I waited and tried to relax my bottom. The crack was followed by a huge spank on the back of my legs below the pants.

"That's not fair." I complained as I tried to wiggle the pain away.

"Not fair? I decide what's not fair so you can have that one again."

She smacked my other leg in the same place.

"OK , OK I am sorry. You decide ma'am, you decide."

"That's better. Now be quiet whilst I concentrate."

She spanked slowly and carefully and, after ten more cracks, leaned forward and peeled down one side of my shorts to expose my left cheek. 

"Mm, yes that is nice and red. Are you sorry for your stupid man driving?"

 As she spoke she snapped the elastic of the pants back into place around my hips.

"Yes ma'am. I won't do it again ma'am."

The spanking started again and she appeared to be wielding the brush with even greater energy.

At the end of the spanking she stood up and invited me on to the bed, asking for some more of what she had the previous night.

"You might call it desserts,"she quipped as she lay on her back and pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side. 

I got on to the bed beside her and buried my head in between her legs. As I sucked and licked she stroked my pants with her left hand. 

"Ohh that is warm, even through your pants. I think I should do this every night."

I said nothing but tried to nod my head in the clamp of her thighs so that she would  know I consented. Then I just got on with the serious task of making her come.


  1. Hi Michael ,When your wife starts to spank you nothing deters her from it making really hurt! I hate the bath brush and my wife ,for once,agreed with me- it was too severe ! She was thrilled at my idea of trying the short martinet which I am now making! She thinks it will result in an itchy ,sore cleft and anus ! She is now full of senarios she would like to try and .to invite a female friend as well as my Mum in law! I was not so sure but but it could be quite stimulating!! Terry

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. If you are making a small whip you can buy some long leather laces with a square section which are very effective. I made a travel whip with this.

  2. One punishment out of the way, and as a proper submissive you took care of her needs. My wife can also get very aroused when spanking me as I've found out when going to service her she is already very wet and tasty.

  3. Michael,

    I take it you don't like the bathbrush.


    1. Hate it, smack, love it, smack, hate it .......

  4. I hate to remind you Michael, but isn't there still a tariff of 50 cane strokes coming your way?


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