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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A day away from FM

Changing topic just for a day, I  do enjoy cute girls and women in spanking scenarios. 

My wife will occasionally play "naughty girl" and get herself spanked, but it is infrequent.

These cute women are the stuff of glorious fantasy .

If you are a spanko you don't have to see a red bottom to get the message that there will soon
be a resounding slap of hand on cheek. 

 Here is a favourite video, which leaves you to imagine how sore her bottom might be getting.

(Move the mouse off the image after clicking)

Hot Girl Suffers Through a Painful Spanking by realspankingsnetwork


  1. Hi Michael,Yes its good ! My wife allows and needs to be spanked 2 or 3 of times a year, to remind her what it is like to be on the recieving end ! She is looking forward to feeling the martinet I am making, as much as I am! Terry

  2. It's a great video Michael, watching her demeanour chage and the spanking intensifies.

  3. Love the white panty picture


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