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Friday, 18 May 2012

A nice end to the day

Things have not been very lively on the sex front recently so last night was a a pleasant surprise for me. After supper my wife went upstairs for a relaxing bath whilst I got on with the dishes. I was doing some ironing about an hour later watching TV when I heard her call from the landing.
She told me to close up the house and get up there double quick.

 By the time I had switched everything off and entered the bedroom she was lying on the bed in bra and pants and was busy with her vibrator. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was clamping and unclamping her legs trying to reach orgasm. I knelt to kiss her toes but was told not to interefere, just to go and shower and wait. When I came back into the room, naked and stiff, she had a smile for me.

I stood and watched in adoring admiration of her body whilst she removed her knickers.

She pointed her finger between her legs and I clambered onto the bed, getting into my usual position for cunnilingus, where I lie on the bed, head downwards with my body at an angle to hers and my feet towards the top of the bed. As I began to kiss and lick her pussy I felt her cool hand reach out and start to stroke my bottom. I had only been going a few minutes when she told me to go and get the bath-brush.

 I resumed my position and my wife shuffled up the bed a little so that she was supported by the pillows. The spanking with the brush head was gentle at first and then became harder as I built up the momentum with my tongue. As she shuddered to an orgasm the smacking ceased and we both lay still, catching our breath. I made a move and prepared to go down for a second dive but she told me to get a condom and some KY jelly. This could only mean one thing. 

Back on the on the bed and head down on job, as it were, I heard her open the packet and fiddle with the tube of jelly. Then a condom encased finger was pressed into my bottom and I opened my legs. I licked her wet lips slowly and she responded with slow circular motions of her finger around my anal ring. When I pushed my tongue inside her vulva she responded with a strong push of her digit into my anus. We were off and running.

 I licked and kissed her energetically and she finger fucked me with equal passion. She kept telling me what a naughty boy I was, enjoying being finger fucked. I responded by bouncing my hips on the bed rubbing my cock against the sheets and pushing up against the finger. As she came a second time all the action stopped and again we rested. 

My wife pulled her finger from inside me and told me to fetch some tissues. After disposing of the condom I went back to the side of the bed. I was hard on and I didn’t know if I would be invited inside her. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself and I said yes, in a husky sort of voice.

 She asked if I wanted to be fucked with my dildo and I responded that I did, please ma’am. 

Maybe, just maybe, at the weekend, she said. If I was really good she would fuck me hard.

 I began to touch myself and she gave permission for me to masturbate. I stood there admiring her body and pumping for all I was worth. Just as I was getting to the climax she told me to stop and go to bed in the next door bedroom.

I lay there in the cold empty bed, avoiding hand contact with my hard cock. I imagined a strap on fucking. We have never done this. When on a couple of occasions I have asked if she was interested in doing it,  she has always said no. She will sometimes use a “boy” vibrator on me on high days or holidays, but she has never agreed that I could buy a strap-on for her. 

I fell asleep fantasizing about how it might have happened in our younger days.

If you are interested in more serious strap-on fucking, there is a nice clip if you scroll down to the bottom of this page on the link - Sensual Pegging  

The woman's casual dress gives the appearance that this is just a normal day in their lives. 

There is some gentle spanking with a spatula and hand  which makes it even more interesting for spankos. For some reason her very plain green knickers go straight to the sex buttons in my head.  I can imagine someone spanking her with a long paddle whilst she is busy with him.

Have a great weekend. 


  1. Michael,

    A very nice end to the day. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Good for your Mistress! It sounds like she's stepping up her domination...sending you to bed like that without you getting "yours". I suppose that tripped your submissive button to the max.


  3. Normally you don't see good acting in those, but to me the acting in than clip was very good, thanks for sharing :)


  4. Joey - thanks. Read your piece about the dungeon. You are getting around a lot.

    Kitty - yes my Mistress knows how to deal with me.

    OHL - Glad you enjoyed the clip. Bit of lighthearted fun.


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