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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jubilee Celebrations in the UK

Things are hotting up in the UK as people prepare to celebrate  the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 60 years ago -also known as The Diamond Jubilee.

A UK department store has launched a suitably retro range of lingerie for the occasion - see Huffington Post Diamond Jubilee Lingerie , the style of which may appeal to a number of readers of this blog.

There is a UK holiday of two days in a couple of weeks time so many people are planning parties and the weather might be turning in their favour.

My wife and I will probably end up at someone's celebration BBQ and the local pub is putting on a Jubilee lunch and games day, so we will probably go along to that at some stage. 

My wife asked me how I would like to celebrate the Jubilee the other day and I said I thought that  a Diamond Day would be appropriate. She told me to expand on the idea so I  made a list and left it for her to read the next day.

Give you 60 minutes of massage and foot rub
Do 60 minutes of chores 
Give you a voucher for 60 minutes sun bed treatment
Receive 60 strokes with the cane
Do 60 minutes corner time
Receive as many strokes of the bathbrush as you can give in 60 seconds

After reading it my wife said that she liked the list but thought that 60 minutes of corner time would be a waste of time. She told me I should do 60 minutes on the running machine at the gym whilst she is on the sunbed. She added that I would have do a lot more than 6o minites of chores over the holiday weekend.

 A bit later on she asked if I had thought of any other requests for Jubilee Day. I didn't know if she would agree but I went ahead and asked if she would dress up retro style and give me my punishment in a Teacher- Pupil role. She said she would think about it.

Roll on Jubilee Day !


  1. I wish her Royal Highness, would on her Diamond Jubilee festive occassion, knight me Sir Six of the Best. Then put me in charge of corporal disciplining, all the naughty women in her realm. I know for certain, I would have a very 'spanking good time', using the cane on many a female's naked rear end.

  2. Sounds like a fun time will be had by both of you!


  3. Sounds like a to of fun, except for the sunbed, if that means a tanning salon...
    bottoms up


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