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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bottoms up

I am aware that I need to write up some accounts of events recently and come up with  a couple of new spanklets. I will focus on these soon.

Lat night things took a surprising turn. We were due to go round to friends for a meal so we had an hour or more to get ready. My wife called me into the bathroom and told me to help and give her  a full body exfoliation whilst she was in the shower. I enjoy doing this as it gives me a chance to get up close to her naked body. I stripped to my shorts and stood by the side of her in the walk- in cubicle shower, whilst she washed herself down with bath gel. Then area by area I applied the exfoliating soap and then rubbed the skin brisly with a glove loofah sponge. Pretty soon she was glowing pink and clean all over.

When she was done she told me to get down on all fours so that she could sit on my back whilst she washed her hair. We hadn’t done this for ages but she said was tired from all the standing, so I crawled up under the shower stream and relished the feeling of her bare bottom on my sin as she sat down.

 I stayed patiently in position as she went through two hair washes and then a long wait whilst she applied the conditioner.She turned off the water so that the conditioner could do its work for 5 minutes or so.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking , she asked?

Yes ma’am.

She stood up and I heard the bath-brush rattle against the tiles as she took it off the hook and then sat down again on my back,

The spanking started and in a few seconds I was in submissive heaven. She landed the smacks slowly and carefully and the sound of the brush on my wet shorts resounded smartly around the bathroom walls. It was, quite frankly, delicious and I warmed up quickly. 

I lost count of the number of spans she gave me. I could have stayed lin that position all night but eventually she stood up and told me to leave whislt she finished off her hair. I walked to our bathroom wet and happy with a lovely scorched bottom.

The whole evening went well. My wife had a few too many drinks and was tipsy when we got home. I was stone cold sober but still basking in the warmth of my spanking. Once we were bed I went down on her and she came quickly. As she rolled over on her side I thought that was it, but she went right over onto her stomach and told me I could come on her bottom if I wanted. 

I quickly grabbed some KY and gelled up my prick, then I staddled her legs and started to stroke her bottom with my left hand whilst I wanked with my other hand. Just as I was about to ask her if I could come, she told me to stop. I waited with prick in one hand.

You can spank me if you want, but just ten spanks.

I needed no second invitation and took my time. This only happens once in a blue moon so I wasn’t going to rush things. With a long pause between spanks I brought my right down sharply against first one bare cheek and then the other. I made sure they were hard spanks and she kicked and wriggled but her legs were trapped beneath me so she wasn’t going anywhere. At ten I stopped and rubbed her reddened cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed that, she said.   You can finish yourself off now. 

That didn’t take long.

 I grabbed a paper tisse from the bathroom and carefully wide off the cum from the soft skin of her spanked bottom. 

By the time I had washed myself and come back to the bed she was asleep.

I kissed her on the back of the neck and covered her up with the duvet.

Lying by her side I was awake for a long  re-running the events of the evening in my head. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.


  1. Michael,

    I enjoy your excellent descriptions of your spankings and intimate moments with your wife. Thank you for sharing last night's erotic activities with us.


  2. Lucky bugger! Congratulations on having such a wonderful relationship with your lady, in all her personas, and thank you for sharing these delightful intimacies with us.

    I look forward to reading your new Spanklets when they are published.


  3. I'm so happy for you, Michael! It sounded like a submissive's dream evening;).


  4. Now that's the kinda night that's every sub's dream. Getting to spank their Mistress - wow. I'm jealous. A


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