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Monday, 28 May 2012

Jubilee hots up

The U Diamond Jubilee weekend is approaching. We may or may not get decent
weather but things are hotting up on the patriotic clothing front.

The retro lingerie company What Katy Did is also getting in
on the act with their decorative girdles.

There are plenty of Jubileeparties planned and this would be my idea of a good way to celebrate with a group of friends.

I would like to go white, red and blue under this paddle.


  1. I hope you succeed.


  2. I love the top pic's panties!


  3. Hi Joey - thanks for stopping. I think I am in for a good weekend but I am not counting my chickens.

    Hello Kitty - yes that photo grabbed my attention as soon as it popped up in Google.

  4. Hi there , i am not a switch at all just a Dom Top , but you seem to be in good company with those two ladies pictured; so will most likely obtain your wish of turning red ,white and blue. I would however not mind in the slightest in turning the young ladies bottom in the top picture a very scarlett red colour, and while on the subject of the approaching jubilee may i add *GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AND CERTAINLY SPANKING* which seems to have been gradualy eradicated over time. Have a very good jubilee week what ever it entails.

    Correction Man.


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