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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Submission and pleasure

What two consenting adults get up to in their bed is quite interesting. 

The other night when I had started on cunnilingus and was making good progress, my wife opened her legs wide. As a norm she keeps her thighs clenched tightly together when I am licking her clit, because the squeezing action seems to bring her to orgasm so much more quickly.

In spreading her legs wide at that stage, I knew she was inviting me to explore with my tongue beyond her vaginal lips and towards her bottom hole. This only happens rarely. I adore licking and kissing her bottom and she knows it. 

She would never say so, but she does get a kick out of me pushing my tongue into her ring. She is too ladylike to ask me to do it. 

As a good submissive, I could spend my life kissing her, front and back, if only we did not have to go to work to pay the bills.

Things got hotter and my wife began to slap and spank my balls with her closed fingers and to dig her nails into my scrotum as I knelt by her side. She pulled and yanked my penis as if it was the  leg of a cooked turkey, which would not come away from the carcass. The pain was excruciating and wonderful. The more she tortured my prick and balls, the more enthusiastically I licked and pushed my tongue inside her anus, and the more she squirmed with pleasure.

In the end neither of us reached orgasm and we gave up. We lay side by side, panting with the exertion of our sexual efforts and then we used our own hands to try to achieve personal satisfaction. 

I pumped my prick hard and she fingered herself to orgasm. The head of my prick was sore and I could not come. My wife got to her high point on two or three goes and squealed with her pleasure.

I enjoyed the pain and am still thrilled by the red soreness in the head of my prick. I hope to come soon but have now turned my thoughts to a good hard thrashing with a cane  this weekend.

Submissive and loving it.


  1. Michael,

    Thank you for sharing a very hot account of fun with your wife.

    I hope you get what you wish for.


  2. Well, there must be something you Brits are drinking, lol! Ronnie's post was very HOT today and yours is also!


  3. Would that be 60 strokes of the cane? Enjoy the long weekend Michael.



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