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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Not smart.

Three big  mistakes yesterday, when my wife was away from home on Thursday night attending a conference . Mistake number one was forgetting to put the garbage wheelie bin out on the roadside.The second was more serious - I omitted to lock the back door when I left for work, so the house and its contents were at risk all day. And the third was .... you will see in a moment.

My wife was home before me as the conference finished in the early afternoon. She was stood in the kitchen preparing a meal when I arrived at around 7pm having stopped for a drink in the pub. I had thought she would arrive back a lot later.

Instead of the smile and the kiss might have I expected,  I was met with a scowl and a frown. When I asked what was up,she told me what she had discovered when she got in the house, the unlocked door and the rubbish not emptied. Taking a large wooden spoon from the utensil drawer she lectured me on my carelessness and told me to drop my trousers and bend over the kitchen island surface. This was when my third mistake caught up with me. I had treated myself to wearing a pair of black knickers that morning - in fact I had put them on after my shower and then lay down on the bed and wanked before getting into my suit and tie. Maybe if I  had concentrated on my housekeeping responsibilities instead.

It was pointless arguing with her since my faults were obvious so when I undid my belt and lowered my trousers the black lace pants were exposed to her view. She was not amused, as they say.

"Oh so now you're wearing panties to work are you?" my wife exclaimed  in an exasperated tone. "One night away and you can't do anything except think about sex and your prick." She lifted my shirt tails and smacked me hard across my bottom with the spoon. I bent forward from the waist inviting more of the same but she put the spoon down on the worktop.

"No, I am not spanking you. In fact, that can be your punishment. Go upstairs and get changed and then get on with the laundry I brought home. And take off those knickers, you look ridiculous!"

The rest of the evening was spent in a frosty silence. I hope that she does not wake up this morning still in a bad mood.

I was hoping that the holiday weekend might involve her wearing something like this, but now I am not so sure. 

Three mistakes and I am out, or so it might appear.


  1. Michael,

    I hate the silent treatment. I hope today is a better day.


  2. A punishment, and a real one, for sure, but not one you can take any kind of - and do excuse my words - perverted pleasure from.

    Your Mistress/Wife is leaning fast!

    By the way, I shouldn't set my hopes too high wrt about sexy clothes your picture shows actually on your Lady this week-end!

    I would offer you my symapthies but I'm getting a little stiff at the thought of such a Dominant Lady - so I shall merely wish you both well for the Jubilee Holiday.

    Have fun - if She will allow it, of course!


  3. I think you are in line for some new house rules. I see a chore chart and long hours of no sex or spanking. You are going to need all the luck you can get.


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