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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hermione, Wellred Weekly, gardening and telepathy

For some light entertainment and a great piece of journalism you might want to read Hermione's gardening article

I only stumbled across Wellred Weekly the other day so it was weird that Hermione should pop up there as an author  within  a few days.

With Gardening in mind last evening (and not yet having read Hermionies blog) I decided to do one or two jobs out there on the only dry day we have had in weeks. As I was fixing some irrigation tubing (don't ask why with all this rain) my wife came out at about 7pm with a glass of wine. She noticed a length of the 1/2" black plastic tube on the ground and picked it up. 

Swishing it through the air she  asked me to stop what I was doing and join her in the garden shed. Surprised but interested I did so. She closed the rickety door and said I  was to pull down my trousers. She told me to bend over and gave me twelve pretty good strokes with the tube. It is made of hard plastic,  with micro holes along the length, and is stays fairly rigid when you swish it. The air passing over the hole at the end makes a sort of whoop noise as it descends. The effect was amazing - a very different but hard form of caning.

My wife liked the results a lot and told me to place the rod in the blanket box for the future. I took a quick photo before I went to bed. The paddle gives you some idea of the length of the new toy.

Then I go and  take a quick look at the blogs and there was Hermione's gardening theme.

There are many coincidences of topics like this, in the group of spankos who I see as being the regular bloggers that share my tastes in styles of spanking. Quite often one of you will mention something that was just in my head only a few hours or days ago. Maybe there is a certain telepathy going on among this select "spank gang" of bloggers?

A case in point, just last week, went as follows.

I was recalling Hot Pants of the Seventies and thinking of writing about them in a Spanklet. Then OBB comes up with a post about  Short shorts .Then in a matter of days, the Sunday Times does an article about Bottoms being the new Breasts and so I was able to inspect  more pictures of cheeky shorts over brunch. All of a sudden the world was full of shorts.

So maybe a spank thought goes into the head of one of us and is then  transmitted telepathicaly to our group of readers?

Anyway, back to the garden -


  1. I love coincidences like that. Congratulations on your discovery; I never thought of garden hose, but we have short lengths of tubing used for the pond that would work well.

    Maybe I'd better keep that to myself:)


  2. I agree. As the seasons pass, spankos do focus on many of the same things. Garden tools = spanking implements. Short shorts = bottoms to spank.


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