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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

New panties - sorry I mean knickers

My wife bought some new knickers over the internet, in preparation for a forthcoming wedding party. They arrived yesterday.

She modelled them for me at bed time last night because she said I had been good and had taken my thrashing respectfully the night before and deserved a little treat.

I told her I would be good forever, if she wore panties like these every day. She mentioned that she didn't like the word panties and that I was to call them knickers or pants.

S declined to wear these tight knickers  every day, just to please me, but she did say that I could stroke  and kiss her her bottom. She lay face down on the bed and lifted her hips on a pillow. I knelt behind her on the bed and paid homage to her wonderfully cool bottom with caresses of my hand and regretted that I wasn't allowed to spank it. 

When she opened her legs a little more I pulled the elastic of her pants to one side and began to kiss her ring, sliding my tongue inside and running it around the rim. S moaned and groaned and pushed her bottom back in my face, encouraging me to go on.


After a couple of minutes of true submissive bottom licking on my part she rolled off the pillow and tugged down her pants. I got off the bed and  stood at the side of the mattress. She asked me to show her my bottom to see if the cane marks were still visible. They were and she said she might put more on there at the weekend. I bent over and kissed her pussy furiously, determined to give her a good orgasm. 

When she had had three or four climaxes I helped her to wriggle into her pyjamas and she rolled over to sleep. I folded the new knickers and placed them in her drawer thinking it would be good to see them again at that wedding.



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