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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Shopping and waiting.

We had to go shopping yesterday. We completed the household stuff quite quickly and went to a department store for a coffee  after loading the bags in the car.

My wife said she wanted an hour of shopping on her own, without me trailing after her, so I was left to my own devices. We agreed to meet in the cafe.  I wandered through the store and inevitably ended up on the edge of the lingerie section. 

As I picked up some very brief knickers  from the rack I was surprised by a voice behind me.

"Can't find what you're looking for Sir?"

I turned to find a friend of my wife behind me. I didn't know her well. We had been introduced at a party last year.

"Only joking," she said, as my face went a deep red. She had been imitating a shop assistant.

"I won't tell if it's a present of course. But if it's for you then maybe the blue would suit you and you need a bigger size."

I laughed and said I was looking for an Easter gift.

"OK. Have fun."  she said and then she was off. I watched her shapely bum, encased in a tight skirt, as she made her way further into the bras and knickers.

I set off for the coffee shop and as I sat and waited for S  a short fantasy came into my head, involving my wife and the woman I had just met. Here is the jist of it.

          Have a good Easter.

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