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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday spanklet - On the line

He got the call on the train on his way back home. 

The morning meeting had gone well and he was pleased with the success of the trip. He had spent the previous night in a hotel in London, so as not to be late for the presentation the today.

The woman on the cell phone was the desk manager of  thathotel.

"Mr Watkins, I hope you enjoyed your stay with us. You left a couple of things in your room this morning. Shall we post them on to you?"

His heart sank and his head spun, as he remembered putting the whip and vibrating anal plug into the small drawer by the side of the bed when he had arrived at the hotel. They were in a drawbag, along with some jelly in a tube. He had intended to have a self-play session that evening  to relax and had taken a couple of toys from the cupboard at home, but the wine he had with room service made him fall asleep instead.

"Er, thanks but could you keep them there and I'll pick them up next time."

He couldn't take a chance on the toys arriving at home or worse at the office. His partner would not find it funny. 


It was bad enough to be escorted from the classroom to the headmasters study by the school secretary for a caning, but then she would wait ,and take you back. On the way back she would ask things like does it sting much? Or how long do the marks last? Very embarrassing for boys of eighteen or nineteen.

Something about this all male ritual that young men were subjected to  fascinate her.  No one had ever ever landed so much as the slightest sting on her firm young bottom, even when she was growing up. Yet some of the boys in that school seemed to be getting thwacked every other day. What must it be like to watch? The secretary always thought to herself. She liked to imagine bending over headmaster’s desk, his shorts down, trying to keep a brave face, but unable to controll his wincing. The headmaster standing above him: imposing his gown. At this thought a deep desire seemed to overcome her, like sweeping tidal wave from within"Certainly Mr Watkins. Our guests leave all sorts of things."

She paused and he thought the call had been lost.

"On this occasion though, would you please ask for me personally at Reception? The chambermaid was particularly embarrassed at finding what you left and we should both like to remind you not to leave your belongings in the future."

"Yes of course, thank you. I will be down there again in a couple of weeks."

"Very well. Please ask for Room 101 when you make the reservation. It's on the ground floor next to my office. You have 14 days to collect your things in person or I will post them to you. Goodbye now and have a nice day."

As the call ended he was sure he heard the sound of a giggling laugh at the other end of the line.


  1. that would be very embarrassing. I'm sure you have an idea of what the manager and chamber maid have in mind for you and you will enjoy your next ride back to the hotel thinking of what is to come.

  2. Very clever....leaving the ending of the story to the reader. :)


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