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Monday, 28 March 2016

The Easter Bunny came

My wife decided that her Easter Bunny would bring her some time on Saturday afternoon with her very own Rabbit.

After lunch she went upstairs and stripped to her pants and got under the duvet. I sat at the end of the bed and lifted the duvet cover off to expose her feet and ankles. I propped her legs up on her pillow and settled down to give her a creme foot foot massage. Each foot took about ten minutes to massage well  and then I painted her nails. 

Whilst the nail varnish was drying I went to vacuum the hall and came back to get her Rabbit vibrator out of the back of her knicker drawer. By this time my was wife was dozing but still awake.

I told her the Easter Bunny was here and she said he was very welcome.

I rolled the duvet over to one side to expose her hips whilst keeping her top half covered. Slowly I pulled her pants down and took them off over each soft foot.

Then I switched on the Rabbit at low speed and ran it up inside her thighs. Holding the penis end at an angle against he  vagina I let the rabbit do his work. When she began to wriggle I turned up the speed a notch and set the revolving head beads to work. My wife held her hand to her mouth in that cute way to stifle a moan and within only a minute or so she had her first orgasm.

I  let her relax and then ran the vibrator over her V once more. I pushed a little harder this time and she came again and then again in quick succession.

She indicated that the bunny's job was done and rolled over for an afternoon nap.. 

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