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Friday, 4 March 2016

Girls weekend

Carla had been acting up all day. She and her older cousin Rita had been out to the mall  to try and find Rita an outfit for a wedding party. 

Their husbands had taken the children away for a camping weekend and the two women had been looking forward to a weekend where they would just do their own thing. 

They had walked from shop to shop looking at dresses and shoes and coats, but Rita left each shop in a quandry as to what suited or didn't suit her.

 After a couple of hours Carla had muttered "just choose something for fuck's sake" and that had immediately soured the atmosphere between the pair of them. 

Rita angrily retorted that they had better just go home and she would come out again with a more helpful friend. Carla had apologised and promised to be more enthusiastic. 

They looked in a couple more places and eventually returned to one of the first shops, where Rita at last settled on a purchase.

They walked back to the car  and when they had placed the bags in the back Rita turned on her cousin and told her that if she had been one of her children and had cursed her in public, she would have given her a damn good spanking.

They drove home in silence. The restaurant was booked for later that evening and they were supposed to be seeing a  rom-com film; the sort of girly film that their husbands would have groaned at, if they had to accompany their partner.

Once in the house Carla went off to her room, supposedly to have a nap. Rita settled down to read a book. After ten minutes or so Carla appeared in the sitting room, buck naked with only socks on her feet.

Presenting herself naked to her mistress…

"You're right," she said as Rita looked up in surprise. "I was a complete a bitch today and you should spank me ."

Her words hung in the air as Rita took in the possibilities of the scene. 

"Come over here."

When Carla was standing in front of her Rita ran a hand between the bare legs and up towards the clean shaven pussy. 

Carla shivered and her legs trembled as a finger made its way  into the pink lips.

"Actions have consequences you know."

"Uh, uh." Carla mumbled.

Rita looked up into her cousins face whilst she continued to stroke  the .soft moist skin.  

"So what do you say?"

"Please spank me Carla. I was very naughty this afternoon."

"Go out onto the deck and bend over the railing. I am going for the hairbrush and you're not going to be sitting very comfortably this evening."

"Maybe we might end up skipping the film?" Carla said, as she made her way outside.


Lovely view of a naughty girl!


  1. My girlfriend and her mother played the B word recently. Was not fun shopping with both, even one store person said she has never seen dressing room looking so bad, both smiled as we left.
    My girlfriend the next morning knowing I was mad said very little she needed to get to work. She got to work on time, but would not be sitting much. A half hour later her mother who was visiting us showed up and said she was sorry for yesterday, she soon found herself across my lap, bottom bared and acting like a little girl, she face the wall for a good fifteen minutes. That evening both got spanked again, they both watch their manners now.

  2. Girls weekend is a trip to the country, a widow aunt of my best friend owns a home secluded by a river which we enjoy visiting as much as possible. A wonderful woman she is, our second Mommy, she is just a lot of fun. The three of us get along great, even skinny dip in the river, the aunt's idea, feels so good. There are rules, so we have fun, but her punishment for breaking house rules, well it has been used on a few occasions. Naughty words are the worse, after a skinny dip in the river, we both were told sternly back to the house, don't bother dressing, we were scolded like naughty little girls, standing in our birthday suits, saying nothing. She spanked her niece first and I wished it was I, she spanked me just as hard as her niece and both of us crying and dancing around afterwards. The worse was to come, she then gave us a bath, just like when were little girls and Mommy bathed us. I felt so little and so naughty. That next morning she was going to insure we behaved and over her lap, bottom bared another spanking, we have learned to be good, her hand knows how to spanked a bare bottom.

  3. Getting dress first thing in the morning is not for me. My best friend and I were spending spring break with her mother and had been told to at least put on a robe in the morning, the second morning I walked into the kitchen, no robe, my best friend looked at me and her mother stood up, young lady what about a robe, I smiled and said forgot. Her mother walked up to me and said she forgot also and I was soon across her lap, forgot you were a college student and not a naughty little girl, her hand landed hard on my bare bottom. What a cute bottom you have she said as her hand landed hard and fast and soon I was squirming and so enough. She told her daughter to get the hairbrush and I pleaded no, begged her but once the hairbrush was in her hands I was feeling the sting and crying and when quickly started rubbing my spanked bottom. The mother looked at me, get to the bathroom young lady and I did so, I was given a bath and then had to face the wall. I told my best friend a week later how much I liked the spanking, and her mother was very good. I got to visit several more times and once it was just her mother and I, her mother told me naughty little girls will be spanked and I said I know Mommy, smiling, I was a naughty little girl and oh it felt so good.

  4. My best friend mother was the best, she treated all her daughters friends as just another one of her children. Many a sleep over I enjoyed and even in college a break from school was a weekend or week visiting her. I was told by my best friend and her mother in her home I was her daughter and so would be treated as such. I found myself one morning say I'm sorry Mommy as my best friend and I stood before her mother, having been out late. Young ladies she said sternly, sitting there, nighties off and slowly we did as told and pleading with her, did no good. I watched as my best friend was the first to be spanked, I found myself covering my bare bottom, rubbing it as my friend squirm, kicked and pleaded. She danced around the room until told to stand still and no rubbing. I was next and I too squirmed, kicked, pleaded, and danced around the room until told to stop. Crying, we stood, scolded and then to my shock was told to get to the bathroom. We both we in the tub, her mother bathing both of us like little girls, squirming from the spanking. Drying us off we said nothing and then told back to the kitchen. We stood facing the wall while she cleaned the kitchen. Afterwards each of us sat on her lap and promised to be good, I held her tight and softly said Thank You, been wanting a spanking, she held me tight and rub my sore spanked bottom. Mommy will spank you when you are a naughty little girl she said and then stood me up, get dress you two.

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