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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Good boy stuff

My wife had an exercise class last night,. She did not arrive home until 8'ish, so I had an opportunity to prepare a nice supper and get on with some housework. I arrived home early afternoon and set to work. The bathroom and living areas were sparkling by the time I had finished.

When she had taken her shower S commented on how nice the house looked and said I could have a good boy maintenance punishment. I chose the cane and a pair of pink knickers and stripped off quickly before she changed her mind. She stood towelling her hair laughing at me as I  struggled into the panties with my stiffening cock. Then she swiftly delivered 30 hard strokes whilst I bent over the dressing table chair. I was able to watch in the mirror  as her arm lifted and then whooshed the cane across my bottom. 

GULP!!!!!!!S then said it was her turn to choose something so she made me stand with my hands on my head and delivered 5 stingers across the front of my legs. When S finally put down the cane  she instructed  me to look into her eyes whilst she slapped my balls hard with the palm of her hand. The deep growly stomach churning pain shot up from my groin. 

I thanked her for her time and patience and we went downstairs for supper.

She is always energised by the excercise class. Hurrah.


  1. You will have to be a good boy more often.



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