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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Turning our thoughts to travel

We were planning where we might go on a holiday this year. 

We want to find somewhere warm with interesting things to see.

We need the accommodation to have solid walls to muffle any noise.

And of course a comfortable bed.

One thing I do like about holidays, is that my wife likes to wander around in the nude provided it is hot.
I am a Woman. I outrank you.

And of course she likes me to pay her lots of attention.

Life in a modern marriage - part 19


  1. My wife always wants me to wear a leather belt when we travel. I dislike using belts with my jeans, but I go along with the request as I know she will be spanking me with it during the vacation. Just a tip.

  2. Thanks Baxter. My Mistress finds belt too floppy and difficult to use effectively but thanks. Over the years I have put together quite a few holiday spanking pervertibles for the suitcase, but of course it is the hairbrush which goes through hand luggage Security without a glance. The hand held whip generally goes curled up in a washbag in the hold and a 1m length of 8mm nylon rod can be made to look like the frame of a suitcase has come away on the inside. The things we do for TTWD.


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