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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A little of what you fancy.

Tumblr and spanking would appear to be a great match, although maybe some  moderator will come along and decide that sexy spanking pictures are not what they want to have available on their platform . We will have to see. 

Every day there seem to be more attempts of Government control over what we can enjoy on the last century's greatest invention.

My own view is that if something is illegal in the real world then it should be illegal on the internet. Other than that, please live and let live.

I have probably spent too much time on Tumblr recently, for which, if I had declared it to my wife, I would undoubtedly and justifiably be punished. 

Here are two videos from Tumblr which might appeal.

Have fun and enjoy life.

Nice Hairbrush M/F

Swift caning F/M

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