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Monday, 2 December 2013

Pleasurable pastimes

When we are out with friends, either at a restaurant or at their house for a meal, I can tell quite easily when my wife has gone over the edge with her wine and is entering tipsy-land. She gets a lot more voluble and giggly and I start to think of what might happen when we get home.

Last Saturday night, at a neighbours house, there was another woman present who was also getting merry and between the two of them they got quite silly, in a nice kind of way. Things were looking up, I thought, for some post-brandial sexual activities.

I have to time things carefully when I see this opportunity or my wife will be too sleepy when she gets home. There is a delicate balance between her willingness to do things she would not normally engage in and just plain tiredness, where she closes her eyes within seconds of her head hitting the pillow.

I like to think of it as her “Goldilocks state”, where things are not too hot and not too cold, but are in fact just right.

At around midnight I made going home movements and we left with the other couple whose spouse was also inebriated. Once at home I undressed my wife slowly and led her to the bed. She was more than happy to just lie there on her back whilst I knelt at the end of the bed and slipped her knickers off and began to lick her slowly and carefully.

She opened her legs wider than normal in a sign that I could go further back if I wished and I progressed without hurry to the ring between her soft bottom cheeks.

This is a favourite place of mine and I can spend a long time “muff and ring diving”. She wriggled and writhed happily as I  pressed my tongue deep inside her anal hole and then out and across the soft bridge of skin to the back wall of her vagina.

Time after time I repeated this action and was rewarded by soft moans of pleasure. I slipped one hand around her bottom and slowly inserted a finger up and into the ring. She resisted at first and then surrendered. Still keeping my mouth and tongue moving in well moistened playground of her labia, I brought up my other hand and pushed a finger into her cunt slowly rubbing it in and out...

When I sensed that she was getting to orgasm I removed all digits and got on all fours by her side to concentrate my tongue action on  her clitoris. There was plenty of encouragement as she thrust her hips up and down to increase the pressure and then she gripped the side of my head with her hands and shuddered to a climax.

She came two or three times more, with some further slow action from me and then I rolled away and covered her with the blankets so that she could curl up and sleep.  

I did the same, happy in my thoughts, replaying the last fifteen minutes in my head.

The next morning when I brought her tea there was no sign of movement under the bedclothes. 

As I placed the cup on the bedside table, a hand came out holding a piece of paper from the notebook my wife keeps by the bed.

Do some chores and come back in two hours with the strap, it read.

I did just that and a great Sunday spanking ensued.


  1. Both of you got what you wanted and needed. Like that little video with that bottom getting superbly strapped. Good for you.

    1. Hi Baxter Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the gif

  2. Sounds like a perfect ending to the evening. Lucky wife and lucky you the next day.


    1. It was indeed a special evening and i appreciate my good fortune.

  3. Great story. You are a very descriptive writer. I am a submissive woman so I find it interesting to read a submissive man's point of view. For the most part we are pretty similar :)
    I'm glad you had a fun night!

    1. Hello Betsy T. Thank you for your nice comment. Now that I have found your blog I look forward to following you. Nice to have a new chum.


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