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Friday, 29 November 2013

Not very much.

Hope the US folks have a Spanksgiving weekend to remember.

Sorry it has been a bit blank here recently.

On my travels through the web and with thanks to Bonnie, I have rediscovered Otto, the talented artist who vanished from Blogger a while back. He is at You may want to visit.

I came across a short instructive saying (I believe it is called an apothegm) the other day, along the lines of :

"A real spanking only starts when you want it to stop"

I can only agree with this. For the most part I can take a jolly good thrashing for quite a long time and get deep into subspace very quickly. However, on occasion, the endorphins don't seem to do their thing and I feel the pain rather than the pleasure. 

I had just such  spanking the other day. For being untruthful about stopping at a bar I was despatched upstairs and made to wait an hour in the corner stark naked. For some reason I wasn't excited about the prospect of a beating. Normally I would be erect and stimulated at the thought of what was going to happen. 

Instead I was feeling resentful 

When the spanking started with a 20 hefty paddle strokes, I felt each singular blow and when my dear wife took up the cane I very nearly stood up to argue. 

Knowing better I got into the "touch toes" position that she demanded of me and every cut of the cane was an excruciating experience. After 6 I did very much want the thrashing to stop. When she stopped at thirty strokes I was blazing both on my bottom and in my head. I had wanted the caning to cease almost from the being, something that is not like me at all.

Anyway she left me back in the corner for a while and I cooled down. I apologised for not telling the truth.

Next day I appreciated the marks on my bottom and resolved to do better and perhaps relax and enjoy the next session, when it comes.


  1. Michael,

    Good to see you posting.

    I loved Otto's work so thanks for the link.


    1. Hello you and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh my goodness! That sounds rather severe. I hope you learned your lesson and have been restored to peace and tranquility.


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