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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Advent calendar and Christmas cheer

The Advent calendar game, which have we played in the past, had been forgotten about in recent years, until last week, when I thought it would be a nice idea to buy my wife a luxury chocolate Advent calendar as a treat.

“What about you?” she asked when she had unwrapped my gift and savoured the first Santa shaped choc.

“How do you mean?”

“Well I’m sure you know what I mean.”

I did indeed but I wanted her to suggest it. She just smiled at me and since she obviously wasn’t going to expand on what she had said, I volunteered.

“You mean where I get spanked each day leading up to Christmas?”

“Yes boy, that’s the one. I think we could fit that in don’t you, since you have been nice enough to think of me?”

“Thank you ma’am, that would be very gracious of you.”

For the last few days of that week I figured that she had forgotten this conversation, since no spanking took place but then on Sunday, as we were finishing a snack lunch, when she had opened the Day 8 chocolate with her coffee, she suggested that I should go and get the long paddle and join her in the dining room. Just pants and  shorts she said.

In an excited state I sped upstairs to the bathroom to wash myself quickly and then retrieved the paddle from the toy box. The long paddle is the one with the holes drilled on it and it delivers a “super-sting”.  Having it waved in front of me is a bit like Superman facing Kryptonite, my strength and resolve just starts to melt away.

I popped an erection stiffener pill from the bathroom cupboard and took a slurp of water from the tap. I did not know if I would need it but it wouldn't hurt to get a hard on if it was needed.

Back downstairs my wife was waiting tapping her fingers on the table top.

“Get over the table.” 

She took the paddle from me and I bent over the end of the cold wood surface. She does not permit bare bottom spankings downstairs on the grounds of hygiene.”

“Stretch right out and pull yourself on to your toes”

I gripped the side of the table with each hand and wriggled my butt  up into the position she wanted.

“Now we are a bit late with all this Advent business, aren’t we, so I will have to catch up. What day is it?”

“The 8th ma’am”

“So here we go then. You can ask for your Advent gift  and then count the strokes. I am sure you know what to do.”

I stared straight ahead and tried to do the math in head. There was a lot of catching up to do and clenched my bottom in fearful anticipation.

“Please open box number one, ma’am.”

Crack. The paddle landed full across my bottom and I jumped with the pain on the cold skin.

“Please open box number two ma’am.”

Crack, crack. She delivered two hard smacks.

“Please open box number 3 ma’am.”

As my readers will have worked out by now, I should have been getting those particular 3 spanks on the 3rd of December, but since this did not happen I now had to take the daily Advent spanks in one go, all the way to day 8.

She cracked the paddle smartly just at the top of my legs.

“You’re not counting. Shall I start again?”

“No ma’am. Sorry ma’am, that’s five ma’am.”

“No you dunce that’s six,” she said in an exasperated voice.

I groaned as I went through the numbers in my head and realised it had actually 3,2 and then 1 stroke.

“You need those again to remind you how to count I think.”

In quick succession she spanked me six times on the crown of my bottom.

“So where were we?”

“Please open box number 4 ma’am.”

I braced myself by locking my arms and took the spanks whilst holding my breath until she stopped. When I exhaled I said 10, thank you ma’am, and then corrected myself quickly.

“I mean sixteen sorry ma’am, I forgot the extras.”

“You said that just in time.”

She passed quickly through box 5 and 6 and I was about to ask her to open box 7 when she laid the paddle on the table top.

“Let’s take a look shall we? Make sure we are getting a  good coverage.”

Inserting her fingers into the waistband of my shorts she peeled them down at the back. I lifted my hips to release the front of the pants, which were stuck on my erect penis, but she spanked me with the palm of her hand instead.

“Stay where you are. I am only taking a quick look.”

After baring my cheeks for a moment she pulled the shorts back up tightly around my ass and picked up the paddle.

“Please open box number 7, ma’am."

“With pleasure.” 

My wife smacked the wood blade just below the high point of my bottom and proceeded to land the next 6 in just the same place. I stifled a cry but took them stoically. I was just on the edge of a submissive state.

“Thank you ma’am. That’s thirty four, ma’am.”

I felt the paddle stroking my cheeks through the stretched material as she pondered where to go go next. The circular movements were mesmerizingly erotic and I lifted my bottom to show the pleasure I was feeling.

“Please open box number 8 ma’am”

From the tops of my legs she started the hard cracking spanks and ended with a terrifically noisy crack. I lay there happily grinding my erection into the table top, loving the red sore hot bottom and the pain in my penis.

"Stand up."

She pushed me to one side and took my position over the table, pulling up her skirt as she bent over. Her knickers were in one hand. She must have removed them during the spanking.

“You can come inside if you want. And give me a few spanks.”

I yanked my shorts down to my knees and slid in behind her. She was silky wet and I used my right hand to slap her left cheek in an overarm stroke. That first spank left a  lovely red mark on the white skin and I used my left hand to give her a matching spank on her right flank.  I pushed in and out and spanked her six times on each butt side and then I trembled and shot my bolt.

Whilst I slid out of her with a rapidly softening prick, she turned and rested her bottom on the edge of the table.

"Lick me clean," she demanded in a soft voice.

I knelt and placed my mouth and tongue over her cunt. My cum was already flowing back down and I licked the salty liquid into my mouth. I moved the tip of my tongue to her clit but I knew she was unlikely to come in this position. She needs to be relaxed for it to happen. 

Pushing my head away she got off the table.

“Clean up and I’ll see you upstairs.”

The afternoon passed in a nice lazy fashion and once she had been pleasured, we both drifted off to sleep for an hour or so.

We went out for a drink that evening and she teased me about my spanked bottom, wondering if she should tell the guys at the pub about my desire to be a naughty boy and have his bottom smacked. She suggested that I should not forget to open my advent calendar again or it might be dealt with the cane. I agreed without hesitation.

Last night before bed I went to the bathroom and brought out the bath brush whilst  she got into her pyjamas.

"Please ma’am," I asked."Could we open box number nine ?"  I handed her the brush.

 I dropped my pants and stood against the wall with hands on my head and my bottom pushed out.

The ensuing smacks where hard and she gave me 9 on each cheek, just for her fun she said.  I was dancing from one foot to the other by the finish.

"Thank you ma'am. That's sixty,ma'am."

She laughed and said we had a long way to go and she hoped for my sake that I  would not lose count. It would be tough but necessary to start again. 

Roll on Christmas. I think I am going to enjoy December.


  1. J., being half-French and half-Spanish, prefers to "observe" the Twelve Days of Christmas - with a different instrument being applied to my backside - in ascending order - from her own hand to her riding crop!


  2. The Twelve Days of Christmas can be fun, particularly ifthe strokes are cumulative. Enjoy yourself .

  3. What a great idea, you lucky naughty boy.
    So jealous.
    Kind regards,

  4. Michael,

    Enjoy the rest of December:)

    I'll have to suggest the Advent Calendar game to P for next year.



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